Teacher/Staff Favorites


    Teacher Name: Eva Elmaalouf

    Job Title/Specialty:  P.E. Assistant

    Birthdate: 11/22

    Favorite Beverages: Water

    Favorite Drive-Thru Lunch:  Einstein Bagel (Vegetarian)  – Paradise Bakery (Asian chicken Salad)

    Favorite Snacks/Treats:  Belvita Cranberry Orange

    Best Time to Drop Off Lunch/Treats:  11:50 – 12:00

    Allergy/Sensitivity: None

    Favorite Gift Cards: Target- Starbucks- AMC

    Favorite Color: Any except orange or green

    Favorite Flower: Any

    Favorite Candle Scent:  Anything but cinnamon

    Things You Collect: Nutcrackers

    The Class/Office Always Needs:  Thank you cards (seasonal ones especially), Velcro, motivational posters.


    Thank you J