• Teacher/Staff Favorites


    Getting to know: _____Brooke Long___

    Job Title/Specialty: Speech-Language Pathologist

    Birthdate: May 3

    Favorite Beverages--Hot/Cold: Hot Chocolate/Coke Zero with Cherry, DP or Water w/Lemon

    Favorite Drive Thru Lunch: Chick Fil A: 8 Count nuggets/Cherry Coke or Coke Zero

    Favorite Snacks/Treats: popcorn (100 calorie mini bags), chocolate chip cookies, M&Ms, Sour Skittles

    Best time to drop off lunch/treats: anytime

    Allergy/Sensitivity: none

    Favorite Gift Cards: Target, Chick Fil A, Amazon...really anything :)

    Favorite Color: Red

    Favorite Flower: any

    Favorite Candle Scent: baked cookie type scents, vanilla-type scents

    Things you collect: Texas Tech items

    The class/office always needs: tissues, hand sanitizer, paper clips, binder-style clips, smelly stickers, flair pens