• Teacher Name: Megan Smith

    Job Title/Specialty: First Grade

    Birthdate: July 21st

    Favorite Beverages: skinny vanilla latte with coconut milk

    Favorite Drive- Thru Lunch: Chick-Fila- southwest chicken salad with fat free honey mustard and a diet lemonade or spicy chicken sandwich with a fruit cup

    Favorite Snacks/Treats: pretzels

    Best time to Drop off Lunch/Treats:

    Allergy/Sensitivity: none

    Favorite Gift Cards: Target/ Amazon

    Favorite Color: Bright primary colors

    Favorite Flower: peonies

    Favorite Candle Scent: n/a

    Things you Collect: children's books/superhero themed things

    The Class/Office Always Needs: black sharpies, watercolors