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    Learning Ally - a lifelong amazing resource for audio books for students.  We are using the app for Learning Ally on the new Chromebooks we have in our classroom.  Students can access their account through any personal device (except a Kindle or Nook.)  Audio books ARE real reading!  Readers with dyslexia gain access to books on their grade level and intellectual level which if often above their independent reading level.  This opens the gate to higher level text and vocabulary that leads to improved comprehension and school achievement. 

    Access to textbooks is also a bonus and books are read by subject matter experts.  This is important since reading a math equation can be tricky for those that are not knowledgeable about the subject.  Add the app (which is also free) to your favorite device.  Search for book titles while on a computer to select.  Download them on a computer or your device of choice using the app.  

    Username:  Sam12345 (convention is student name and ID# - same as lunch number)  Password:  ID# (lunch number)