• Grocery Partners 
    Print "free money" for Ford PTA! By using your grocery key tag or reward card, you can support your school at no cost! A percentage of every dollar spent at Kroger goes directly to the Ford PTA. This results in several thousand dollars per year being donated to our school! So make sure that all of the grocery shoppers in your household have a rewards card linked to Ford - and tell your neighbors, family and friends, too!! 

    Please note that all proceeds will go towards the general PTA fund - which supports all of the great PTA programs and events throughout the year.
    Kroger Community Rewards
    Simply enroll your Kroger Plus Cards on-line:  https://www.kroger.com/communityrewards 
    Once logged in, under 'Community Rewards', choose to enroll 'FORD MIDDLE SCHOOL PTSA'
    Our organization # is 82104
    Note that enrollment is no longer available at the store
    You must re-enroll every school year starting in August. During this time, all of your eligible purchases at Kroger using your Kroger Plus Card will accumulate rewards to Ford Middle School PTA! This is a huge opportunity to provide our school with much needed resources. We look forward to seeing all Ford families and Supporters enrolled.
    Along with benefits such as discounted prices, digital coupons, fuel points for savings at the pump, there are the following opportunities: 
  • Link your Kroger Plus card to www.rewardyourschool.com to earn eBox Tops for our school without having to clip!
  • Link your Kroger Plus card to www.eLabelsforEducation.com, so you can earn 1 point for each participating products purchased using your card without clipping.