•  Want to make your own book trailer?

    There are lots of resources out on the web...a quick search will yield lots of results. I like to watch book trailers to get ideas!

    Here are a few of my tips:
    • Storyboard your book trailer first...brainstorm the photos you want to use. Decide what the text will be. Remember...no spoilers!!

    • Try to limit your book trailer to 3 minutes or less.

    • I frequently use PowerPoint as a place to create 'slides' that will become the basis of my book trailer. It is really easy to add pictures to PowerPoint slides, add your words, etc. Once you have created your PowerPoint, save the slides as JPEGs. Then...  
    • Put your JPEGs (which is a photo format) into PhotoStory3 or MovieMaker Live. (if you have a PC with Windows, you can download these programs for free from Microsoft). Both are really easy to use! Once you have added photos (or your JPEGs) to this program, you can add music and other transitions.
    • Make sure you cite all of your sources on the last 'slide' of your presentation! 

    Here are some great resources:

    Book Trailers for All -- a great place to watch LOTS of book trailers!

    Book Trailers for Readers -- Awesome site with lots of tips and resources!

    Incompetech -- find great Royalty free music!
    Google -- Do an Advanced Image Search to look for copyright friendly images
    Landsdowne Library -- Book Trailer Wiki with lots of resources 
    Photopeach -- an online tool to use to create movies!

Last Modified on November 12, 2018