Mock Trial Team 2018
    Best Attorney Award: Shreyas Chandra, Keelyn Salisbury, Ava Stanzo, Jenny Wei, Kathy Yan
    Best Witness Award: Vivian Gomez, Ryder Dowers, Hannah Wilkins, Sean Sudalaimani, Vinathi Golkonda 
    Mock Trial Team 2017
     Mock Trial Team 2017
    Mock Trial Team 2017 
    Top Attorney Awards: Kaitlyn Kim(2), Raj Mehta (2), Jessica Metcalf
    Top Witness Awards:  Avishi Singh (2), Gracie Crone, Sanay Sheth, Lorien Lovell
        mock trial        Curtis Mock Trial made it toWinners  the championship round in 2015-2016. 
    Awards: 2014-2015                                    Game Faces
    Rachel Langford (Top Witness)
    Thomas Schnaible (Top Attorney and Top Witness)            Game Faces
    Matthew Hamann (Top Attorney)
    Enrique Cruz  (Top Attorney)
    Lauren Lamb (Top Witness)
    Darci Williams (Top Witness) 
    Team 2 
    Team 2  Team 1            Team 1
    The Mock Trial Club is open to ALL 7th and 8th grade students; however, only 8th grade students will be able to participate in the County Competitions.
    Meetings and Practices:   
    Mock Trial is an excellent activity for students who like a challenge. It is also an amazing activity for the language arts and social studies classrooms. There are certain skills which all great readers and writers have in common that mock trial can help build. For example, students must analyze, inference, organize, question and evaluate the facts they are given. They must piece together and create a plot from affidavits and other facts given to them. The organization required to create their case is similar to the organizational process needed to write an essay. The opening statement tells the story of the case from the beginning to the end. It is persuasive and informational in nature, much like an introductory paragraph. The direct and cross examinations are much like the body paragraphs of an essay - they dig deeper and elaborate. The closing in mock trial is much like the closing paragraph of an essay. Great writers often make the best mock trialers and vice versa. They are constantly developing and understanding a character by answering and drafting questions from their perspective. Below are a list of things that make mock trial such a valuable activity:
    1. Speech 6. Creativity
    2. Understanding of the law 7. Higher level thinking skills
    3. Organization 8. Teamwork
    4. Communication 9. Debate
    5. Inferencing 10. Writing and Reading intensive
    11. IT'S FUN!!!!! 
    Click on the picture for some other reasons mock trial is such a GREAT activity!!!!