• Family and Individual Sponsored Scholarships

    Dr. Jenny Preston Future Teacher Scholarship $1,500
    Established by Dr. Jenny Preston, former AISD superintendent, and awarded to a student who plans to pursue a career in education.

    Fund 6203 Scholarship – $500 (multiple awarded)
    Established by Michael Wilson, AHS Class of 2010 graduate, and named in honor of the number Michael wears as a City of Allen firefighter. Awarded to a student with a strong work ethic and a solid plan for their future. Preference given to a student who is the child of a civil servant (firefighter, police officer, or teacher) or past or present service member.

    Marion Elementary Bratton Family Scholarship  $1,000 (multiple awarded)
    Awarded by the Tim and Paige Bratton family to a student who attended Marion Elementary School and has demonstrated leadership skills, the ability to work hard and have a dedication to succeed in college, and a history of volunteer service.

    McKee Family Scholarship – $5,000
    Awarded by the Kit and Patti McKee family to a student who has demonstrated a commitment to academics, financial need, leadership skills, and volunteer service.

    Merrick Family Scholarship  $500 (multiple awarded)
    Established by Charles and Laurie Merrick. Awarded to a student who attended Ereckson Middle School and who plans to pursue a career in a service-based field (teacher, fireman, police officer, etc.) or a field of science. 

    Morrow-Smith Scholarship – $1,000 (multiple awarded)
    Established by Doyle Morrow and his daughter, Diana Morrow Smith. Presented to a well-rounded student involved in extracurricular activities and volunteer service.

    Pogue Family Scholarship $1,000 (multiple awarded)
    An endowed scholarship established by the Paul and Judy Pogue family. Awarded to students who demonstrate the ability to work hard and achieve their goals.