• Family and Individual Sponsored Scholarships

    Don and Robin Screen Scholarship– $1,000
    An endowed scholarship established by former Ford Middle School librarian Robin Screen and her husband Don to support students who have overcome a medical, personal or family challenge or have a learning difference or have a financial need. Preference given to a student with volunteer experience and a passion to continue their education.

    Dr. Jenny Preston Future Teacher Scholarship– $2,000
    Established by Dr. Jenny Preston, former AISD superintendent, and awarded to a student who plans to pursue a career in education.

    Feng Family Scholarship– $500

    Established by the Feng family in honor of the educators in Allen ISD, this scholarship is awarded to a student with volunteer experience who demonstrated leadership qualities in high school and plans to attend a public university in the United States.

    Fund 6203 Scholarship – $500 each (multiple awarded)
    Established by Michael Wilson, AHS Class of 2010 graduate, and named in honor of the number Michael wears as a City of Allen firefighter. Awarded to a student with a strong work ethic and a solid plan for their future. Preference given to a student who is the child of a civil servant (firefighter, police officer, or teacher) or past or present service member.

    Matthew Bruno Scholarship – $1,500
    Awarded by Matthew Bruno to a student who has demonstrated an outstanding work ethic and a dedication to their academics, is in the top 25% of the graduating class, and has given of their time in volunteer service at school or in the community.

    McKee Family Scholarship – $5,000
    Awarded by the Kit and Patti McKee family to a student who has demonstrated a commitment to academics, financial need, leadership skills, and volunteer service.

    Merrick Family Scholarship –
     $500 each (multiple awarded)

    Established by Charles and Laurie Merrick. Awarded to a student who attended Ereckson Middle School and who plans to pursue a career in a service-based field (teacher, fireman, police officer, etc.) or a field of science. 

    Morrow-Smith Scholarship – 
    $1,000 each (multiple awarded)

    Established by Doyle Morrow and his daughter, Diana Morrow Smith. Presented to a well-rounded student involved in extracurricular activities and volunteer service.

    Pogue Family Scholarship –
    $1,000 each (multiple awarded)

    An endowed scholarship established by the Paul and Judy Pogue family. Awarded to students who demonstrate the ability to work hard and achieve their goals.

    Simkins Family Scholarship – $1,500 
    Established by the Simkins family to honor a student who will focus on elementary education as a career, has succeeded in school through determination and hard work, and has shown leadership qualities and compassion for others.