• Community Organization Sponsored Scholarships

    Allen Arts Alliance Scholarship – $1,000
    Awarded to an AHS senior who plans to pursue a career in any of the arts disciplines – including visual, performing, graphic design, art history -  or will pursue a teaching degree in the field. Awarded to a student who has been involved in art activities at school or in their community.

    Allen Eagle Nation Scholarship – $1,000 each (multiple awarded)

    Established by fans who support Allen High School activities. Awarded to well-rounded students who are in the top 50% of their class but are not in the top 10% with an emphasis on overall involvement in Allen ISD and clarity of future goals.

    Allen Garden Club Helen M. Logan Scholarship – $500

    Awarded in memory of long-time garden club member Helen M. Logan to a student who plans to study horticulture, forestry, agriculture, landscape architecture or any other field related to horticulture.

    Allen High Noon Lions Club Scholarship – $1,000 each (multiple awarded)
    Awarded to students who have been involved in service projects for school or the community.

    Allen Retired Educators Association Scholarship – $1,000 each (multiple awarded)

    An endowed scholarship awarded to students who will be pursuing a career in education.

    ANTORIK BOGD. Scholarship– $1,000

    Created in appreciation for the education provided in the Allen community. Awarded to a student who has shown the ability to overcome any challenges to achieve their goals and is dedicated to creating a successful future for themselves.

    Dawn of the Light Scholarship – $500

    Awarded to a student who has been an active community volunteer, who promote unity and kindness, and who may be the first in their family to attend college or have overcome a significant hardship or challenge.

    EN AVANT Club Scholarship – $1,000

    Awarded to a student who has demonstrated a desire for intellectual and social growth and has sought to take an active role in their school and their community. Priority given to a student with leadership experience, strong work ethic and strong GPA.

    Friends of the Allen Public Library Scholarship– $1,000 

    Honors teens who have given outstanding volunteer service to the Allen Public Library. (Community Reference on scholarship application must be an APL librarian)

    Keep Allen Beautiful - Mardy & Lisa Brown Memorial Scholarship - $500 each (multiple awarded)
    An endowed scholarship established by the non-profit organization Keep Allen Beautiful and given in memory of Keep Allen Beautiful volunteer, Mardy Brown, and his wife, Lisa Brown. Awarded to students based on scholastic achievement, community service, and environmental action efforts.

    Rotary Club of Allen Scholarships 

    Rotary Club of Allen Scholarship – $500 each (multiple awarded)
    Awarded to students based on community service, academic achievement, and exhibition of good character.

    Dr. Steve Burch Memorial Scholarship – $500
    Awarded to a student accepted to Texas A&M University in memory of Dr. Steve Burch, a long-time Allen dentist, past president of the Rotary Club of Allen, and active community volunteer.

    Sunrise Rotary Club Scholarships 

    Sunrise Rotary Club Scholarship – $1,000 each (multiple awarded)
    Recognizes a student with strong leadership skills and volunteer service with preference given to students who have been active in the AHS Interact Club.

    John Sprague Memorial Scholarship – $1,000
    Established by the Rotary Club of Allen Sunrise in memory of John Sprague, an Allen resident and active Rotary Club member for many years who demonstrated a lifelong love of learning.

    Rev. Kathleen Baskin-Ball Memorial Scholarship – $1,000
    Established by the Rotary Club of Allen Sunrise in memory of Reverend Kathleen Baskin-Ball, club member and Allen resident. Awarded to a student demonstrating leadership skills and volunteer service experience.

    Visual Arts League of Allen Fine Arts Scholarship – $500 each (multiple awarded)

    Awarded to students who intend to study in the Fine Arts field after high school. Priority is given for demonstrated work ethic, demonstration of talent, strong academic record, volunteer service and overcoming hardship or challenges, including but not limited to financial need.