Star Fall   Offers on-line books, games, phonics activities, and reading lessons.
      Handwriting for Kids   Offers printable handwriting paper. Hint: Click on "Manuscript". There are many great choices here. Check out "Make your own 8 lines 'text'" worksheet.
       AAA Math   Offers math lessons and tutorials by topic.
       Time for Kids Online   A kid-friendly look at current affairs and other social studies topics.
      School Express   On-line activities, games, and worksheets for every subject.
      Magic Keys   Offers children's storybooks on-line.
      Carl's Corner   Offers phonics lessons that reinforce the Word Work portion of our Daily 5. There are also other great games and activities.
      Fun Brain   Fun games for reading and math. Kids LOVE this site!
      Super Kids   Free worksheet creator for math concepts.
      Primary Games   Fun games for every subject.
      Edu Place   Great site for reading and spelling. Hint: Click on "Students" tab, then click on "Games". Our favorite is "Spelling Match"!