Student Transfer Request Guidelines and Procedures

    Allen ISD does not accept out-of-district transfers except under the following circumstance:
    • Transfer requests for children of full-time Allen ISD employees living outside the district will be considered. The student must be in good standing with their current school district in regards to attendance and discipline.  If you are a permanent, full-time employee and would like to request an out-of-district transfer, please email Vickie Anders.


    Allen ISD adheres to the neighborhood school concept; therefore, all students shall be assigned and shall attend the school in their home attendance zone.

    • For this reason, request for transfers will generally be denied unless extenuating circumstances, such as a documented compelling hardship, exist.  Residence changes are not considered a compelling hardship.



    All decisions are based on:

    • School enrollment capacity and/ or specific grade level capacity - Allen ISD has the sole discretion to determine whether space exists at the requested transfer campus.
    • Documented compelling hardship
    • Student's behavior, attendance and academic record

    Things to consider:

    • Transfers shall be granted for one regular school year at at time and must be applied for annually.
    • Transportation will not be provided for transfer students and is the responsibility of the parent.
    • Transfers are considered on a hardship basis, and if granted, they are a privilege.
    • Transfers are not allowed during the academic year, except in extraordinary circumstances.
    • Violation of the terms of the transfer agreement may result in a transfer being revoked during the current school year or not being approved for the following year.
    • The District will not become involved in family disputes between joint conservators of students.  Should a situation arise, the transfer consideration may be revoked.
    • Approval for one year does not guarantee nor imply the approval of future transfers to the same campus or to the feeder campus.  
    • Sibling Transfers: Sibling status will not guarantee transfer approval. Siblings must meet the criteria for transfer eligibility to be considered.
    • Student transfers may be denied and or revoked due to poor attendance, excessive tardiness, failure to pick up students at dismissal time, lack of parental cooperation, and/or behavioral issues.
    • Please note that if false or misleading information is provided, the original transfer request will be subject to revocation and the student will be placed back to their neighborhood school.


    All transfer request forms should be submitted by May 28, 2021 to be considered for the 2021 - 2022 school year.

    Transfer Request Form 

     Click here for the School Finder Tool



     All questions regarding transfers should be directed to your campus registrar or Vickie Anders or Lisa Primrose

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Last Modified on August 13, 2021