• Exemption Policy

    Seniors are eligible to earn final exam exemptions by adhering to the requirements. Fall final exam exemptions are earned for one semester courses. Full year course final exam exemptions are earned in the spring semester only.



    3 Absences + 90 or Better 

    2 Absences + 80 or Better


    No Outstanding or Unpaid Fines /Fees

    No Outstanding Library Fines

    No Class Fees

    No Unpaid Dues

    All Equipment checked in

    No ID Outstanding Fees


    Honor Code Violations

    No Tier II or Tier III Violations


    No Suspensions

    No Suspensions

    No ISS

    No OSS

    No Discipline AEP (Dillard)


    Fall: 60 Eagle Engagement Points 

    Spring: 100 Eagle Engagement Points


    Exemption Defined: Exempt from Exam…. Not Exempt from Attending School