• Response to Intervention:
    Tier 1
    Universal Supports is for ALL students in ALL settings!
    The purpose of the, School-wide Behavior Management Plan is to promote positive behavior and diminish inappropriate student behaviors. The practice of teaching and reinforcing students for displaying school-wide expectations is considered to be a universal intervention, delivered to every student in every setting. These universal interventions increase the probability that the majority of students will act according to the expectations, and acts as a proactive intervention for students with a history of problem behavior.
    Each school-wide behavior management plan should address the following components:
    o School-wide behavior team  "core team"
    o Statement of Purpose (behavioral mission)
    o School-wide behavioral data and goals
    o Progress monitoring (outcomes and data-based decision making)
    o Establishing and teaching school-wide expectations and rules
    o Reward/recognition systems
    o Consistent disciplinary procedures and crisis procedures
    o Training and implementation (including faculty buy-in and family involvement)