• Response to Intervention:
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    Tier 2 is for SOME students who need more supports in addition to the school-wide supports! 
    Tier 2 Supplemental Supports are designed to provide additional or targeted interventions to support students who have access to Tier 1 Universal Supports and are not responding positively to them.  
    • Approximately 15-20% of your student body may need Tier 2 supports.
    • Schools with strong Tier 1 supports will have a reduced need for Tier 2 supports.
    • Supplemental Support is designed for use in schools where there are more students needing behavior support than can be supported via intensive and individual Tier 3 support, and for students who are at risk of chronic problem behavior, but for whom high intensity interventions are not essential. 
    • Most importantly, students receiving Tier 2 should continue to have full access to Tier 1 supports.