• 2014-2015 Educational Grant Awards

    Career & Technology Grants

    Allen High School - AHS Backyard Garden (Heidi Reese)

    Boyd Elementary - Techno Kids! (Kellie Latson)

    Curtis Middle School - STEM/Robotic (Kevin Lidington, Sonya Pitcock)

    Rountree Elementary - Good Morning Rountree (Todd Fornadel, Daniel Pitcock, BJ Mathis, Michele Fesenbek, Lisa Geib, Erin Chambers, Natalie Hernandez, Danielle Heibert)

    Rountree Elementary - Dress For Success (Shelley Privett, Mary Higdon)


    English/Language Arts Grants

    All Campuses - ALLen Reads (Regina Schneider)

    Allen High School - AP English III: Scholar-Citizens of the World (Diana Austin, Esther Drish, Jennifer Branson)

    Anderson Elementary - All-Star Summer Reading (Shaunda Douglas, Aimee Hilton)

    Bolin Elementary - Bolin Bluebonnet Book Club (Deb Scott)

    Boon Elementary - Readers are Writers, and Writers are Readers II (Sandy Sackrison,Kellie Schubert, Jenna Moles, Rose Neels, Aimee Daughety)

    Boyd Elementary - Storyworks (Betsy Shanks)

    Chandler Elementary - What Does the Cheetah Say? (Brooke Cherry)

    Cheatham Elementary - The Star of the Show (Gretchen Wollmuth)

    Evans Elementary - I'm a Poet and I Know It (Sandy Schneider)

    Kerr Elementary - I Bet You Can’t Read Just One! (Regena Bell)

    Olson Elementary - Let’s Talk! Storytelling Kits (Sam Shuttleworth, Janet Ballard, Debbie Bellando, Brandee Collins, Kim Isenberg)

    Reed Elementary - Summer Reading for Reed (Brenda Steffens)

    Reed Elementary - Sharing the "Allen Reads" Experience (Brenda Steffens/Reed, Shelley Privett/Rountree, Kellie Latson/Boyd)

    Rountree Elementary - Beyond the Page and to the Stage (Angelita Tranka)

    Rountree Elementary - Ready to Read (Shelley Privett)

    Rountree Elementary - Planting Seeds - Growing Families of Digital Storytellers (Mary Higdon, Shelley Privett)

    Rountree Elementary - Rountree Reads (Mary Higdon, Shelley Privett, Laura Lee McQueeney, Patricia Gear)

    Story Elementary - Focus Book Clubs (Theresa Onkotz, Christina Morrison)

    Story Elementary - Engaging Intervention with Leveled Readers (Trish Jarboe)


    ESL Grants

    Olson Elementary - Bridging Guided Reading to Authentic Reading (Janet Persch)

    Marion Elementary - Leveled Literacy Intervention (Ashley Barbeau, Lindy Cowan)


    Fine Arts Grants

    Allen High School - Summer Art Institute (Sarah Arago, John Garrott, Cory Reese, Laura Helms)

    Boon Elementary - Interactive Student Art Sketchbooks ISAS (Jennifer Hodges)   

    Green Elementary - Panyard Jumbie Jam (Cheryl Goodwin)

    Lowery Freshman Center - Craftsy Staff Development for Secondary Art (Nettie Powell, Cassandra Stackis, Kathryn Galbraith, Ann Carroll/Curtis, Judi Oehler/Ereckson, Shelley Meyers/Ford, Amy Gilly/AHS, Sarah Arago/AHS, John Garrott/AHS, Cory Reese/AHS, Laura Helms/AHS, Stephanie Richards/AHS)

    Olson Elementary - Creative Corners (Noy Manes)

    Reed Elementary - Music Literacy through Pipes and Drums (Anne Summitt)

    Rountree Elementary - Art for Love: Engaging Leaders in the Power of Creative Thought (Todd Fornadel, Daniel Pitcock, BJ Mathis, Erin Chambers, Natalie Hernandez, Lisa Geib, Michele Fesenbek, Danielle Hiebert)

    Rountree Elementary - Lights Camera Action – Rountree – Let’s Put on a Musical!! (Marc Dawson, Gena Flemmer, Jamee Arrington)

    Rountree Elementary - Rocky's Paint Shop (Jamee Arrington)

    Rountree Elementary - Weaving a New Tradition (Jamee Arrington)

    Rountree Elementary - Creativity Stations (Jamee Arrington)


    Foreign Language Grants

    Lowery Freshman Center - Opening College Doors - Supporting Our Native Speakers (Leslie Gardner, Jose Salas, Anna Curtis)


    Gifted & Talented Program Grants

    Anderson Elementary - "Life of George” by Lego – Spatial Awareness and Engineering (Karri Decker)

    Boon Elementary - A Myriad of Possibilities … Texas Performance Standards Project Investigations (Beth Wininger/Boon, Terry Rains/Anderson, Karri Decker/Anderson, Julie McGary/Bolin, Jane Gillette/Boyd, Diane Moore/Chandler, Julie Georgas/Cheatham, Jackie Zander/Evans, Carrie Sledge/Green, Ashley Weller/Kerr, Jennifer Gurss/Lindsey, Beth Bell/Marion, Karen Szeryk/Norton, Tiffany Dudley/Olson, Jessica Look/Reed, Vanessa Norman/Rountree, Michele Dickerson/Story, Beth Monsen/Vaughan)

    Chandler Elementary - Canopic Jars Hold Many Secrets! (Diane Moore)

    Chandler Elementary - A Story Behind Every Face...Jug (Diane Moore)

    Cheatham Elementary - Theatreworks Living History: The New American (Julie Georgas/Cheatham, Beth Wininger/Boon, Terry Rains/Anderson, Karri Decker/Anderson, Julie McGary/Bolin, Jane Gillette/Boyd, Diane Moore/Chandler, Jackie Zander/Evans, Carrie Sledge/Green, Ashley Weller/Kerr, Jennifer Gurss/Lindsey, Beth Bell/Marion, Karen Szeryk/Norton, Tiffany Dudley/Olson, Jessica Look/Reed, Vanessa Norman/Rountree, Michele Dickerson/Story, Beth Monsen/Vaughan)

    Cheatham Elementary - Art in History: What are Civil War Slave Jugs? (Julie Georgas)

    Cheatham Elementary - Art in History: Gross! What Exactly is a Canopic Jar? (Julie Georgas)

    Green Elementary - History Alive and Kicking! (Carrie Sledge)

    Green Elementary - Life of George (Carrie Sledge)

    Lindsey Elementary - "Life of George” by Lego – Spatial Awareness and Engineering (Jennifer Gurss)

    Olson Elementary - Battle of the Bots (Tiffany Dudley/Olson, Karen Szeryk/Norton)

    Rountree Elementary - Art In History: A Hands on Approach to US and World History (Vanessa Norman)


    Math Grants

    Bolin Elementary - Math Motivators (Maria Williams, Meredyth Hale, Mallory McIver, Stephanie Smyth, Catherine Clark, Breanna Daniels, Elizabeth Yearwood)

    Cheatham Elementary - Building Logical Minds through Board Games (Amanda Durie)

    Curtis Middle School - MATHCOUNTS for the Math-Minded (Catherine Stolarski, Don Jung)

    Lindsey Elementary - Math and Reading Go Together! (Amy Duckworth, Dianne Carnley, Jenn Smith, Leslie Janek, Victoria Bishop, Becky White)

    Olson Elementary - Lego Math (Sharla Gant)

    Rountree Elementary - Real World Math (Angela Mabrey)

    Rountree Elementary - Math Manipulative Fun (Jennifer Carlson)

    Story Elementary - Rekenreks for Kindergarten Math (Teri Coroneos, Jennifer Abraham, Cathy Cook, Meghan Gable)

    Vaughan Elementary - MATHCOUNTS (Kyle Robison)


    Other Grants

    Bolin Elementary - Will the Next Steve Jobs, Please Raise His or Her Hand? (Julie McGary)

    Boyd Elementary - Turning Parents into Partners (Autumn Parsons/Boyd, Michele Fesenbek/Rountree, Susan Oliver/Boyd)

    Boyd Elementary - Attendance Challenge (Autumn Parsons, Susan Oliver)

    Ford Middle School - Growing Leaders in Allen ISD (Debra Day)

    Lowery Freshman Center - Increasing Student Performance through On Campus Teacher Professional Development (Leslie Gardner, Michelle Salas, Spence Gould, Nettie Powell, Trina Curran, Amber Perry, Terry Hill)

    Reed Elementary - Community Services Fair (Susanne Miller, Sarah Gosdin)

    Rountree Elementary - Community Services Fair (Beth Bentley/Rountree, Michele Fesenbek/Rountree, Susan Oliver/Boyd, Autumn Parsons/Boyd)

    Rountree Elementary - Rountree's Technical Difficulties Club (Shelley Privett,Todd Fornadel)


    Physical Education Grants

    Kerr Elementary - Obstacles: Improving Fitness (Lisa Yost, Karen Gravley, Christine Lopez)

    Lindsey Elementary - Juggle, Juggle, Juggle (Connie Beaney, Eva Elmaalouf)

    Lowery Freshman Center - Fishing for All (Jason Anderson, Clay Jackson)

    Lowery Freshman Center - Riding in Style (Jason Anderson)

    Lowery Freshman Center - Hale and Hearty Grant (Jon Cockroft, Kirk Trent, Kevin Albury, Dean Garza/AHS)

    Rountree Elementary - Rountree Runners Running Club (Nikki Duncan)


    Science Grants

    Allen High School - Amplifying Genes: Boosting Biotech Ed at AHS (Lee Ferguson, Tasha Mills, Heidi Reese)

    Anderson Elementary - Magnets Lab for 2nd grade (Christy Wright, Christy Harrington, Shaunda Douglas, Jennifer Speer)

    Bolin Elementary - Some Like It Hot, Some Like It Cold (Pam Engel, Shawn Heisler, Elizabeth Yearwood, Breanna Daniels, Brenda Volling)

    Bolin Elementary - Science on the Move (Iris Seria)

    Boyd Elementary - Take Me on a Wild Adventure (Susan Megert, Amy McAleavey, Elizabeth Hedary, Carmen Mendoza, Karen Leach, Jamie Sanchez)

    Boyd Elementary - Science Experiment Kits & Books (Iris Mancilla, Alicia Clark, Jennifer Hill, Marie Brock, Maloree Tennison)

    Boyd Elementary - Let's Go Eco! - 1st Grade Scientists Learn about EcoSystems at SciTech Discovery Center (Lyn Batts, Stacy Saavedra, Jenny Donnell, Debbie Widdig, Christina Corral, Ivone DeLeon)

    Boyd Elementary - Mad Science Makeover (CJ Boales)

    Ereckson Middle School - Smartscape (Laurie Merrick, Michelle Harlan)

    Lindsey Elementary - Reading Into Science!!! (Leslie Janek, Dianne Carnley, Jenn Smith, Amy Duckworth, Victoria Bishop, Becky White)

    Norton Elementary - Ecoliteracy Project at Connemara Nature Conservancy (Jennifer Chapates)

    Olson Elementary - Creating Depth and Longevity in Our Ecological and Environmental Learning (Kirk Evans)

    Rountree Elementary - We Don't Take Science for "Grant"ed! (Susan Demarest)

    Rountree Elementary - STEM Innovation Station (Todd Fornadel)

    Vaughan Elementary - DEAR Field Trip Adventures (Sarah Yonts, Shawn Glover)


    Social Studies Grants

    Boon Elementary - Exploring World Religions through Web 2.0 (Paige Self, Michelle Baker)

    Chandler Elementary - Current Events (Jessica Sileven)

    Evans Elementary - Economics Store (Sandra Mitchell, Janice Harrop)

    Green Elementary - Fiber Arts in Early America (J'Aime Balogh)

    Marion Elementary - Sixth Grade Marion Mavericks: APPLY, Lead and Succeed! (Helen Cherian, Karen Abney, Solomon Boatfield, Melody Ostrander, Hayley Fraser)

    Vaughan Elementary - Reading Around the World (Rhonda Selph)


    Special Education Grants

    Allen High School - Working Toward Independence (Kelly Brown)

    Allen High School - Making Sense of Time Management (Tia McVey, Kim Gohram)

    Bolin Elementary - Weighs and Means (Cathy McCraw, Brandi Pernisi)

    Chandler Elementary - Wiggle Less and Learn More (Jillian Hubbard, Lindsay Weissman, Tiffany Betterton, Anna Convington,)

    Olson Elementary - Otterly Delicious (Elise Pratt, Laura Ghebray, Kelly Tisdal, Gena Moya, Trish Reyna, Lorie Nightingale)

    Reed Elementary - Navigating My Community (Cynthia Day, Jennifer Wolff, Diane Flynn)

    Rountree Elementary - I Can Ride Too! (Erin Chambers, Stephanie Ruehlen, Christy Wenner)

    Rountree Elementary - Enhancing Your Child's Communication Skills with Literacy (Araceli Oliva, Kristin Pierce)