2019-2020 SCHOOL YEAR:
    August 14-16
    • Welcome and get to know you activities
    • Product Check-In Process for Eagle Edge School-Based Enterprise


    August 19 & 20

    Take your time when completing these personality type worksheets. It's important to give thoughtful, complete answers; we will be using this information for activities throughout this semester.

    August 21 & 22
    • Discuss personality test results
    • Discuss daily bellringer activities procedures and set up student binders


    August 23 & 26

    • Complete the assignment below using Google Slides, PowerPoint, Google Docs, or Word. Take your time and create a project that really reflects who you are.


    August 27 & 28


    August 29(B) & 30(A)

    • Entrepreneur Research - see project for instructions: Teen Entrepreneurs Project
      • You will work with a partner to complete this project
      • Presentations will be September 3(B) and 4(A)


     September 3&5(B) & 4&6(A)



    September 9(B) & 10(A)


    September 10(A) & 11(B)

    • T.A.C.O. Tuesday (A-periods): Watch this TedTalk Body Language & Success
      • After watching the Talk, type a 3-4 paragraph reaction/opinion paper about the talk. Elaborate on your thoughts and include specific details from the talk as references. Print the paper, hole-punch it, and add it to Section 1 of your class binder
    • What's Up Wednesday (B-periods): Read this article about changes in the way America does business because of 9-11-2001: Forbes: 16 Ways 9/11 Changed...
      • Read the article and complete the Article Review
      • When completed, print and hole-punch the Review and add it to Section 1 of your class binder


    • Group students for assignment rotations 
    • Decide on group/team name 
      • Design a team logo


     September 12 (A)
    •  Thankful Thusday: Complete the Thankful Thursday 9/12/19 document
      • When completed, print and hole-punch and add it to Section 1 of your class binder 
    • Group students for assignment rotations 
    • Decide on group/team name 
      • Design a team logo  
     September 13 (B) & September 16 (A)
    •  Introduction to Management - Case Studies and Vocabulary Introduction to Management Concepts
      • Use the Internet to complete the vocabulary, case students, short answer questions, and research
     September 17 & 19 (B-days) and September 18 & 20 (A-Days)
     September 23 & 25 (B) and September 24 & 26 (A)
    • Entrepreneurship Promotion Project Presentations
    • Discussion of projects


    • The Management Movement - The Evolution of Management & The Development of Modern Management
     September 27 - October 4
     October 22 & 24 (A) and October 23 & 25 (B)
     Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
    October 29 (A) & October 30 (B)
    Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Finish all assignments from October 22-25 
    • Team presentations: Ethics - Company Research


    October 31 (A) & November 1 (B)
    The Business of Halloween
    • Watch and discuss this Halloween Facts & Figures Presentation 
    • Complete each of the assignments from the presentation. You may do these in a Word/Google Doc format, or a PowerPoint/Google Slides format


    November 4(A) & 5(B)

    Chapter 5 - Business, Workers and the Law

    Assignment: Complete the Chapter 5 Assignment. Submit via email or print and turn in a hard copy when complete. 



    November 6(A) & 7(B)

    Assignment: Poster Project: Select one of the Laws/Acts from the Chap 5 Assignment sheet to research - you must clear your topic/law with Ms. Rowley before beginning this assignment. Create a poster using information and pictures to educate the class regarding that law/act. You may work in groups of 2-3. Posters will be presented to the class on Friday or Monday.


    November 8 (A) & 11(B)

    Presentations: Poster Projects (Employment Laws)


    November 12 (A) & 13(B)

     Assignment 1: Read this article: CEO Raises Base Salary for Employees, then complete an Article Review Abstract about the story. Make sure you include facts and expand on your statements.


    Assignment 2: View this Cost of Living Power Point, and complete each task as directed. You will have one class period to complete this assignment.


    November 14(A) & 15(B)

    Continue with analysis of salaries and the cost of living.

    Assignment: Wages and Cost of Living Part 2

    November 20(A) & 21(B)
    Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday and Consumers
    Assignment: Complete the Black Friday Online Scavenger Hunt 

    December 3&5 (A) & 4&6 (B)

    Assignment 1: Hot Products of 2019 Research

    Assignment 2: After your research is complete, you may work in groups of 2-4 to create a product that will be the "Next Big Thing" for 2020 to be marketed during the 2019 holiday season.  Instructions: Next Big Thing Holiday Promotion

    • Presentation of the Projects will be December 9-12 

    December 13 (A) & 16 (B)

    Final Review:



    January 7 (A) & 8 (B), 2020

    Goal Setting and Work/Life Balance

    Assignment 1: TEDTalk: Nigel Marsh - How to Make Work-Life Balance Work ( Work-Life Balance )

    Goal Setting for 2020

    • Read the article 25 Tiny Habit Changes...
    • 25 Habits to Change 
      • Select 12 of the habit changes that you feel like you could accomplish in 2020. Write those down, along with thoughts/notes on ways you could keep yourself on track, methods for accomplishing, books you'd like to read, etc. 
      • Print a copy of your list and put it in your class binder


    • Read the article: SMART Goals for 2020
    • SMART Goals for 2020 
      • Using the Goals Worksheet, create at least one goal for yourself in each of the 7 suggested areas (you may have more than one goal in some areas - if so, use an additional worksheet)
        • Make sure each of the goals meets the "SMART" criteria
        • Print a copy of the goals and put them in your class binder
    • Complete the Ways to Spend an Hour exercise and put a copy in your class binder


    January 9 (A) & 10 (B), 2020

    Benefits of Setting Goals

    Assignment 1: TedTalk: 

    Assignment 2: Benefits of Goal-Setting Flier

    Assignment 3: Find an article or story about an entrepreneur, athlete, business-person, etc., who has found success through goal-setting.

    • Type a 1-page summary of the story
    • Include your reflection about what you read
    • Cite your source



    January 13 (A) and 14 (B)
    Social Media Influencers and Business
    Assignment:  Complete the Social Media Influencers Research. For each "bio" include a link to their media platform.
     January 15 (A) and 16 (B)
    YouTube Influencers Presentation
    January 17 (A) and 21 (B)
    Planning and Strategic Management


    January 22 (A) and 23 (B)

    Busines Planning

    Assignment 1: Research ride-sharing companies, including Uber and Lyft. Complete the Ride Share Research Document

    Assignment 2: Go to the Uber Simulation and complete one round (7-days). When finished, fill out the Simulation Results Form.

    Assignment 3: Complete a second round (7-days) and complete a second Simulation Results Form

     January 24 (A) and 27 (B)
    Business Planning and Strategic Management
    Assignment 1: Listen to the podcast from https://www.npr.org/podcasts/510313/how-i-built-this about the founder of Lyft and how he got started in the business. 
    • When you get to the podcast site, you will need to search for the podcast episode titled Lyft: John Zimmer
    • Listen to the entire podcast

    Assignment 2: Complete the How I Built This Review

    January 28 (A) and 29 (B)
    Business Management and the Super Bowl
    Assignment 1: Use the Internet to complete the NFL Teams Management Activity.

    Assignment 2: Use the Internet to complete the Super Bowl 54 Advertising Activity

    February 3 (A) and 4 (B)
    Super Bowl Advertising Review and Critique
    Read the directions for the Super Bowl Commercials Review
    Use the Commercials Review Chart and word processing software (Google Docs or Word) to complete the assignments
    February 5 (A) and 6 (B)
    Operations Management and Planning
    Assignment: Use your desktop textbook and the Internet to complete the Chapter 11 Assignment
    February 7(A) and 10 (B)
    Management and Planning
    Assignment 1: View the episode of The Profit: Skinny Latina Marinades and Sauces
    Assignment 2: Complete the Profit Episode Review
    February 11 (A) and 12 (B)
    Foundations of Management - Decision-Making Skills
    Assignment: Complete the Chapter 8 Notes and Assignments
    February 13 (A) and 14 (B)
    Decision Making and Motivation
    Assignment 1: Read the ARTICLE and article about steps to decision-making: http://www.cnn.com/2011/LIVING/04/22/tips.decision.making.o/index.html and complete the 7 Steps to Decision Making Doc
    Assignment 2: Each of the following two videos discusses decision-making. Watch the videos and complete a Decision Making Video Review for each one.
    Assignment 3: Complete the Motivation section of the Decision Making Video Review sheet from the previous assignment.
    February 18 (A) and 19(B)
    International Business
    Assignment: Use the desktop textbook and the Internet to complete the Chapter 7 Assignment
    February 20 (A) and 21(B)
    International Business
    Finish the Chapter 7 assignment from last period before beginning today's assignments.
    Assignment 1: Select a country from this List of Countries that you would like to know more about in terms of international business practices. Using the Internet, complete the Business Culture Research Project
    Assignment 2: As an individual, with a partner, or in your team, begin working on the International Business Plan Project
    **********PLEASE NOTE**********
    EFFECTIVE MARCH 23, 2020