• Dear Parents,

    Your children will be learning to write in our class. Not just learning to form letters and understanding that letters represent the sounds of our language, but learning to be authors. Here is what they will be doing and how you can help them.

    ·        They will be selecting topics from their own experiences. You can help by asking them: “What did you write about today?”

    ·        They will be trying our new writing techniques like “Explode a Moment” and “Show Don’t Tell”. You can help by asking them to explain how to use these in writing and to show you.

    ·        They will be sharing their writing and asking their peers. Is this clear? Is this interesting?  They will be revising using C.A.R.E. to improve their drafts.

    ·        They will be editing their work for correct capitalization, usage of words, punctuation, and spelling or C.U.P.S.

    ·        They will be publishing some of their work.

    When you see their work, you can help by talking to them about the content, or what it is about. Here are some comments and questions that help a young author.

                I like this…(sentence, detail, word)

    Did you describe the picture in your mind with your words?

                  If not, How could you next time?

                Can you tell me more about…?

                What else do you know about this?

                What will your next piece be about?

    You, their audience and readers, will need to support them with both the positives (glows) and negatives (grows) within their writing. Push them to take risks, but also use the skills that they already know! This will help them become the best they can be.


    Thank you for the support!


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