•  Thank you to everyone who auditioned!  It was such a fun and funny two afternoons.  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.  But that's not what you are here for, is it?  


    Here is the cast and crew list.  Please be at the first rehearsal Monday, after school in the cafeteria at 3:45.  We will be done at 5:30.  



    The Odyssey:

    By Thespis and the Peloponnesian

    Midwest Regional Third Place Chorus





    Thespis/Odysseus - Landon Underwood

    Directus/Telmachus’ Sailor – Henzley Goodworth

    Zeus –   Jason Torres

    Athena – Shekinah Frank

    Hermes – Abigail Collis

    Poseidon – Josh Steele

    Calgon/Sailor Fran/Sailor Terrance – Yasmeen Samaha

    Delaius/Trojan Soldier/Master of Winds – Kamryn Howard

    Questionias/Trojan Soldier/Sailor Phillip/Judge #1 –Kiley Florcik

    Forgetius/Trojan Soldier/Sailor Jan – Maggie Hull

    Nihilius/Suitor #1/Ensign Smith – Sumant Pandry

    Confidentius/Greek Soldier/First Mate Uh-Oh – Lacey Joanidis

    Bordius/Sailor Jane/Scully – Gaby Cullen

    Joinius/Telemachius’ Sailor/Calypso/Siren – Brianna Hayworth

    Ayeius/Trojan Soldier/Lotus Eater/Sheep/Siren – Kellie Rains Drupp

    Pick Me/Suitor #4/Scylla Head – Ethan McDaniel

    Me Too/Sailor Anne/Circe – IT Edomwonyi

    Propius/Suitor #2/Old Salty – Trevor Rodriguez

    Costumius/Scylla Head/Mary – Amrita Singh

    Meekus/Sailor Dan/Judge #2 – Sidney Birdwell

    Bowius/Trojan Soldier/Cyclops – Bekah Wright

    Setius/Telemachus – Ian Bell

    Chorus/Penelope/Siren – Carley Knight

    Chorus/Greek Soldier/Lotus Eater/Sheep/Siren – Ashlyn Adler

    Chorus/Sailor Cheryl/Scylla Head – Hailey Harp

    Chorus/Greek Soldier/Sheep/Scylla Head – Hannah Kirk

    Chorus/Scylla Head/Sailor Timmy/Judge #3 – Megan Birdwell

    Chorus/Greek Soldier/Sneaky Pete– Delayna Murrell


    Understudies (Don’t worry.  You will be in the production.  Come talk to me Monday morning!) – Lauren Juric, Sanika Niranjan





    Asst. Director:  Becky Endashaw

    Stage Manager: Sophia Nguyen


    Set Crew Head: Blake Kurgin

    Set Crew:  Sylvia Fallouta, Matthew Hernandez, Maddox Hertzel, Jaylon Reed, Mia San Martin


    Costume Crew Head: Dagny Christakos

    Costume Crew: Kauser Hassen, Leila Janane, Jesse Magpantay, Lauryn Miller


    Prop Crew Head: Maddie Van Ark

    Prop Crew: Brayden Knight, Kassie Pierce, Ashlynn Street


    Light Crew Head: Quinlan Covey

    Light Crew: Dominick Roberts, David Summitt, Zailey Woods*


    Sound Crew Head:  Nathan Beeman

    Sound Crew:  Gilbert Romo, Logan Sifuentes, Zailey Woods*


    *goes between both crews