I know it is hard for you to believe, but this was one of the more difficult shows for me to cast.  I hate disappointing you guys, and I know there are many of you who are disappointed.  Please know that you all gave good auditions, but I can't have all of you in the cast or crew, so some hard decisions had to be made.  Remember that there will be another show auditioning in March with plenty of room for everyone in both cast and crew.  

    For those of you that made it, congratulations. We will meet in my room on Tuesday at 3:45. THE GIRL IN THE WHITE PINAFORE

     Girl in Pinafore




    Amelia Davis                      Carley Knight

    Mary Davis                          Kellie Rains Drupp

    John Davis                           Jason Torres

    W.C. Shaw                          Christian Merritt

    Nadine Davis Williams          Ashlyn Adler

    Lucy Everett                       Bekah Wright

    Lem Davis                            Josh Steele

    Sam Shaw                           Landon Underwood

    Eli Cody/Chorus                Liam Bywater

    Ethel Mayhew/Chorus   Lacey Joanidis

    Chorus                                  Kiley Florcik

    Chorus                                  Haley Harp

    Chorus                                  Kamryn Howard

    Chorus                                  Maggie Hull

    Understudies                    Maddox Hirtzel, Hannah Kirk, Elly Grundei





    Stage Manager                  Quinlan Covey

    Asst. Director                     Mia San Martin

    Costumes/Props              Dagny Christakos

    Sound                                   Nathan Beeman

    Lights                                    Sophia Nguyen