• Thank you so much to everyone that tried out!  It was so much fun watching all of your auditions.  We were so impressed by your talent and enthusiasm.  Unfortunately, we couldn't cast absolutely everyone.


    For those that were cast, congratulations!  If you are in middle school, we will meet Monday after school from 3:45 - 5:30 to get scripts, learn about all of the rules and regs and to read through the musical.  Not all of the parts and solos were cast.  We will do that as we go along with rehearsals.  Everyone will be on stage A LOT!  The crew also needs to be at the rehearsal on Monday.  I will give you a schedule then to let you know how we will get started.  


    For those in elementary school, our cute elves! (and Santa and Buddy), we will meet on Tuesday from 3:45 - 5:30.  If one of your parents wants to come in with you this first time, we can all talk about what's going to happen over the next couple of months, and then we can answer any questions you may have.  (Parents, you don't have to come in, but we thought it would be a great time to make sure we all understand what is expected.) 


     If you have any questions or problems, please email Mrs. Kingwell at alison.kingwell@allenisd.org or Mrs. Gulley at susan.gulley@allenisd.org.  Looking forward to getting started! 

    Cast and Crew Flyer

    Elf Jr.





    Santa Claus            Paxton Ward

    Buddy           Luke Herrington

    Elf #1        Audriana Gonzalez

    Elf #2           Payton Thimons

    Elf #3     Emerson Adams

    Elf #4            Nixon Pace

    Elf #5             Jason Denton

    Elf #6           Hannah Clark

    Elf #7           Nika Braverman

    Elf #8         Kamryn Rubey

    Elf #9            Jaxon Ward

    Elf #10            Alicia Florcik

    Elf #11             Parker Rood

    Elf #12          Adam Huntzinger


    Walter Hobbs            Matthew Valleau*

    Deb           Olivia Letchman*

    Emily Hobbs               Ashley Ellison*/Corina Clothier*

    Michael               Grace Hughes/Samantha Ramos

    Manager               Sophia Perez*

    Jovie               Katerina Munoz/Samantha Dymock

    Fake Santa              Jacob Grundei

    Mr. Greenway              Jacob Grundei

    Sarah           Jocelyn Markland

    Chadwick           Brooklyn Davis

    Matthews         Jessa Gadness

    Charlotte Dennon            Hannah Steele*

    Darlene Lambert              Grace Seidel

    Emma Van Brockline              Shana Dawson


    Ensemble (New Yorkers, Macy's Employees, Rockefeller Crowd, etc.) Kolbie Burkes, Olivia Bywater, Isobella Cook, Nikkita Darnell, Ava Greider*, Natalie Huntzinger, Savannah Jones, Sasha Martynyuk, Oluwatoromo Michael-Abiono, Kelly Valenta





    Asst. Director: Sarai Dillard


    Sound Crew: Alaijha West* (CH), Arwen Almand, Jackson Haynes, Savannah Pham, Emerson Phillips


    Light Crew: Seoyoon Jeong (CH), Oliver Bramlett, Mollie Prevatt, Hasini Suresh


    Costume Crew: Cindy Xie (CH), Cameron Balch, Paige Bruner, Ashby Lackey, Natalie Schmitt


    Prop Crew: Kylie Olson (CH), Larissa Alsing, Brendan Hancock, Ethan Rickman, Isabella Stapp


    Set Crew: Bella Chumley* (CH), Musab Hassen, Kaitlyn Hsu, Brinley Kapocsi,

    Madison McCann, Henry Stetsenko


    Backdrop/Art Crew: Addison Ashdown (CH), Karin Braverman, Ghazal Motahary, Hope Ulch


                                                                                            (ch) = crew head                    * = member of Jr. thespians