• Teacher/Staff Favorites

    Getting to know: Mrs. Nab

    Job Title/Specialty: 3rd Grade Reading and Writing  

    Birthdate: November 29

    Favorite Beverages--Hot/Cold:   Sonic Cherry Limeaide Slush and Dr. Pepper

    Favorite Drive Thru Lunch: ChickFil A - 8 piece nuggets with fries, lemonade/sweet tea mix and Whataburger- Whataburger jr. with cheese, mayo

    Favorite Snacks/Treats: Chester's Hot Fries, Chex Mix, Munchies, chips and salsa/guacomole

    Best time to drop off lunch/treats: Anytime :)

    Allergy/Sensitivity: Strong Scents

    Favorite Gift Cards: Kenda Scott/Target

    Favorite Color: Peach/Soft Teal/Black

    Favorite Flower: none, because of allergies :(

    Favorite Candle Scent: None-I have lots of allergies in the family

    Things you collect:  Aggie stuff, Willow Tree figurines, anything initialed L or N

    The class/office always needs: Post-it notes, colored copy paper, Sharpies