• Allen ISD's Character Education Program: BE the ONE


    BE the ONE is an initiative to link Allen ISD schools in their efforts towards service learning and character education. The goal of BE the ONE is to create positive gains in the value structure of the students, faculty, parents, and community. This is done through allowing each campus to determine what needs their student population exhibits in the areas that BE the ONE names. Each school will provide a program that is tailored to that campus and successfully fulfills the identified needs. BE the ONE is a common thread between the schools that will demonstrate to the community that Allen schools are working toward a common goal in the areas of service learning and character development. 

    Activities that qualify as BE the ONE fall under the topics of service learning and character education.  These activities are meant to provide direct student experience while being incorporated and aligned with what is already taking place during the school day.  The activities that each campus implements need to promote a connection between youth and their community, good citizenship habits, enhance self-esteem, link personal and community values, and enrich academic performance.

    At the start of each month, a new character trait is introduced to students, staff, and parents. Campus counselors incorporate these core values utilizing various means - guidance lessons, parent newsletters, campus announcements, and campus-wide activities. 


    Month              Character Trait 

    September        Respect

    October            Self-Discipline

    November         Citizenship

    December         Empathy

    January            Determination

    February           Healthy Relationships

    March               Trustworthiness

    April                  Attitude 

    May                  Responsibility 


    Students and staff can help support and promote this program through the purchase of a BE the ONE t-shirt. Shirts are available in the Eagle Edge store located in the Performing Arts Center's Commons at Allen High School.