•  Athletic Commitment

    Curtis Middle School Girls’ Athletic Commitment 2020-2021

    Dear Parents/ Guardians and Athletes,

                    This letter of commitment is to clarify the expectations of the athlete and the Curtis Cougars Girls’ Athletic Program.  This letter will help the parent and athlete understand what is expected of them and what consequences exist if those expectations are not met.  It is a privilege to participate in athletics and when behaviors and expectations are not met, a loss of privileges and/or discipline will result.

                     First and foremost, if the athlete does not pass a class they do not play.  No exceptions.  It will be the athlete’s responsibility to schedule tutoring if they are having a difficulty in any class, or are in jeopardy of failing.  The tutoring and any re-tests will need to be scheduled outside of practice time.  If we cannot correct the situation, only then will the athlete be allowed to miss practice.  A signed slip by the teacher of the tutoring session or re-testing will be required, and the athlete will be expected to make up the missed practice. If there are discipline or attitude problems in the classroom, athletics or any school function the following actions will be taken:

    1.        An O. T. I. (Opportunity to Improve) will be issued (i.e. running, pushups, lunges, etc.)

    2.        A verbal or written apology will be given to the coach/teacher/administrator/person involved

    3.        Parent/Guardian will be contacted

    As a member of the Curtis Cougars Girls’ Athletic Program, each athlete will be expected to adhere to the following guidelines:

    1.        If an athlete is going to be absent from school and/or practice, the athlete must notify their coach prior to the absence.  Curtis MS phone:  972-727-0340 or email your specific coach. 

    2.        Parent/Doctor’s Notes: We will accept a parent’s note for an athlete to sit out of practice due to an illness/injury for a maximum of 3 daysAfter 3 days, a note from a doctor will be required indicating the injury and anticipated length of inactivity.  If after the 3 days we do not have a doctor’s note, an OTI will be given for each missed practice.

    If    If an athlete has a chronic or recurring injury, a doctor's note is required. Multiple parent notes for that specific injury will NOT be accepted. Athletes are required to dress out for practice while injured/ill. Upon being cleared for participation, a doctor's note is required that clearly defines what activities the athlete is able to participate in. 

    3.        Tardy to practice or to class from the athletics period will result in an OTI.

    4.        Jewelry will NOT be allowed during practices or games. Please take into consideration that if the athlete has newly pierced ears, she will still be required to take them out. This is an Allen ISD athletic policy. Tattoos must be covered at all times in practices & games.

    5.        A school lunch detention issued from a classroom teacher or administrative staff will result in an OTI.

    6.        Athletes assigned to ISS (In School Suspension) will lose all extracurricular privileges for each school day in ISS.

    7.        All athletes will be required to dress out appropriately on a daily basis (issued red t-shirt, black shorts or black spandex sliders for vb, correct shoes for the sport, socks & hair pulled back) otherwise incomplete dress is equal to not participating and being absent.

    8.        The athlete is financially responsible for any lost and damaged equipment issued from CMS.

    9.        All athletes travel together to and from athletic events on a bus. Athletes will sit together as a team in the stands at the school and support the other CMS teams.

    10.     Hazing/fighting/bullying/and physical or emotional harm of another student will result in an OTI and could result in loss of athletic privileges. This will be reported to school administration.

    11.     Taking items (considered stealing) from the locker room that do not belong to you can result in loss of athletic privileges.

    12.     The locker room /weight room areas must be kept clean, and all items locked in the athlete’s locker to prevent theft.  Random locker checks will be made and OTIs will be issued if this is not followed. Cell phones, tablets, cameras, and all other electronic devices ARE NOT to be used in the locker room. This will result in loss of athletic privileges and will be reported to the principal. 

    13.     Drug and alcohol use is not tolerated and will be dealt with in accordance to Allen ISD drug/alcohol policy.

    14.     Social Media: students need to use extreme caution when using social media. OTI and loss of playing time/ suspension from the team,may result from negative and/or inappropriate comments, posts, tweets or pictures shared on social media. This will be reported to school administration.

    15*Attendance at practice is vital! Missed practices during the week may result in reduced playing time.                                     

    (cut off the section below & return to your coach)


    I, __________________________________ am committed to the Curtis Cougars Athletic Program and my teammates.  I am committed to helping my teammates be the best athlete and person they can be.  I am committed to always displaying good sportsmanship, win or lose, in or out of competition, and in the classroom.  I accept any and all consequences should I violate any commitment or expectation.

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