Music News  
    Cheatham Chargers,
    I miss all my musicians so much!!! I've created Quaver class codes for each class level, yes 6th grade choir, too! You will need to create a login and password when you sign up. You will need these class codes to have access to Quaver by grade level: 
    Kindergarten: B3578
    1st grade:  A2CFK
    2nd grade: B7LPF
    3rd grade:  URQPB
    4th grade:  8CJ7K
    5th grade:  D5QWM
    6th grade:  BMFB3 
    To create a student login do the follwing:
    * Visit QuaverMusic.com/login
    *Click Sign up and create a username and password. Write this down and keep it so you don't forget it.
    * Enter the code above according to your grade level in the My Quaver Code box
    *You should be on a street scene of Quaver. If asked to enable Flash, please do so.
    *Click the Student tab to open the dashboard. There are no assignments yet, but you can explore for this week! Have fun!
     I'll be sending some Quaver assignments on my music choice boards each week!
    I love  y'all and miss the music we make in my classroom everyday!
    Mrs. Fecht