Allen Eagle Season Tickets

  • Welcome to the Allen Eagle Stadium season ticket webpage. We hope that you find the information provided here useful. Thank you for your support of the Allen Eagle football program and the many students who play, perform, and contribute on Friday nights.


    Trade Days and New Season Tickets will be conducted online via Zoom.


    Individual meeting invitations have been sent to the email address you entered when you signed up for Trade Days and/or to become a New Season Ticket holder. If you have not received your meeting invitation please contact Jeff Chaney at


    At the beginning of your meeting, a brief explanation will be provided for all the attendees. Your host will then put everyone in the “waiting room”. You will be “pulled in” for a brief individual conversation so that you can view the available options and trade or purchase your tickets. To be considerate of time and the other attendees in the meeting, we kindly ask that you please feel free to familiarize yourself with the stadium by clicking here.  Reserved tickets are in Sections 102 (closest to the band) – 109 and Section 201 (above the band) – 207.


    As trades happen, seating availability is constantly changing. The more familiar you are with the stadium the quicker you can identify seating that works best for you.

    You will able to join the meeting after the host arrives. If you: 

    • Experience difficulties entering your designated meeting, please email your host immediately.
    • Miss your meeting; please email your host who will try to help you join the next available meeting.
    • Are unable to participate in your meeting, you may choose to have someone make decisions on your behalf. You MUST email your host ASAP to let them know who will be attending in your place. It will be your responsibility to forward this invitation to that person.

    We appreciate your continued support of the Allen Eagles and are grateful for your willingness to be patient and flexible as we work through this process.



Last Modified on June 1, 2020