• Mr. D.L. Rountree
  • Rountree Elementary School

    D.L. Rountree Elementary School was the first K-6 elementary school to open in Allen. The school, which got its start in 1974, was named after Mr. D.L. Rountree, who was superintendent of Allen Independent School District at the time.


    Mr. D.L. Rountree

    When Mr. Rountree arrived as Superintendent in 1954, Allen ISD was a small school district with only 158 students. Besides assuming the job of superintendent, Mr. Rountree taught, coached, provided custodial services, and drove a bus. His philosophy was that if it needed to be done why not do it. Mr. Rountree was committed to the students of the Allen ISD for 24 years. He retired in 1978. 

    Following Mr. Rountree's philosophy, the efforts of many dedicated parents, teachers and students have made Rountree a place "Where Everybody is Somebody." 
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