Perot Museum of Nature and Science 
    Welcome to Christi Stinchcomb's KOSMOS  website.
     Name:Christi Stinchcomb
     Grade/Subject:5th grade Science
        Welcome to my KOSMOS  STEM Teacher Institute page.  I have collected ideas and models from the Perot Museum of Nature and Science.  Enjoy!
    Burning a Cheeto  
    I attended the KOSMOS STEM Institute July 18th thru July 21st. We focused on Chemistry during this first week.  
    DAY 1:  In order to understand heat fusion we started with the heat of fusion of ice. This is the energy required to melt ice. We expanded this with the above "burning of a Cheeto".   We determined the amount of energy released per gram when burning.  We used a method called calorimetry to determine the heat evolved in the burning.  Calorimetry is the quantitative measurement of heat required.  Lots of math involved but we determined that the heat lost by the Cheeto was equal to the heat gained by the water.
    DAY 2:  We went to the Perot Museum.  Field Trip-Yeah!  I liked that we had a focus for our field trip.
    We went to the Gem exhibit and tallied on the periodic table the elements we discovered in the gems...oxygen was the most prominent. We also planned a field trip for our class, mine was on the layers in time using all the information about fossils, rocks and soils. Since I already do a webinar with the rangers from the Grand Canyon, a field trip would be a great introduction or follow-up to this activity.
    Layers in Time       Gems
    Day 3:  Balancing Equations!!  I had forgotten how fun it was to balance equations.  The activity was very engaging, LOCKBOX.  I will be looking this up to use in my class.