• Welcome to Jogging Club!
    This year we are changing up our Jogging Club a little.  My goal is to run an additional day each week so that the students have a better chance of logging more miles.  We will also use 100 Mile Club again this year.  There will be a link on SchoolPay once we start in October if you would like your child to also particpate in that program.  All students will have a chance to collect mileage tokens throughout the year and their progress is also tracked in the hall each week.
    Students will come Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday each week and run from 3:00-3:35.  Your child will need to come ready to go each day.  We will warm up together and then kids will start walking, jogging, or running at their own pace.  Students will need to be picked up promptly at 3:35 each day.  If your child is a walker, they will walk home after Jogging Club has ended for the day.  Failure to pick up your child on time, my lead to them not being able to participate.  
    During the warmer months, please make sure that your child hydrates during the day and has water for the afternoon. 
    Please fill out the Jogging Club Form if your child is interested in running this year.  There will be a section for parent volunteers on the Jogging Club form.
     Jogging Club