For class this year, we will be using these supplies frequently. Any donations will be very much appreciated! Thank you in advance from myself and the students!

    1. Papermate Flair Markers: the more colors the better, plus black!

    2.  Colored Sharpies

    3. Black Sharpies

    4. Scrapbook paper

    5. Ribbon

    6. Gently used or new board games for indoor recess

    7. Gently used or new chapter books

    8. Turquoise or purple throw blankets

    9.  Scrapbooking hole punches

    10. Colored printer paper

    11.  Colored craft pom poms

    12. Pipe cleaners

    13. Stamp pads

    14. Small stamps

    15. Stickers

    16. Gallon sized zip lock baggies 
    17. Sandwich sized zip lock baggies 
    18. Amazon or Target gift cards to put towards flexible seating options