• Class Schedule 
    1st:                     8:30-9:18                                             Everyday        
    Spanish I      
    2nd:                    9:23-10:11
    Spanish I
    LFC Conncetions 10:16-10:52                                        Everyday  

    3rd:                   10:57-1:07   

                       A Day Conference period

    Spanish I

    4th:                   1:12-2:37 

                              A Day

    Spanish I 

    6th:                  10:57-1:07

                             B Day  PLC

    Spanish I

    7th:                  1:12-2:37   

                             B  Day

    Spanish I
    8th: 2:42-3:35    Everyday  PLC
    Tutorials: My tutorials will be on Tuesday afternoon until 4:20and Wednesday morning from 7:50 to 8:20. If you need to meet with me on a different morning or any afternoon, check with me ahead of time. I will do my best to accommodate you. In the event students can't attend my tutorials, they can attend tutorials with another Spanish I teacher.