AIM (Activating Inquisitive Minds) Curriculum

    *Allen ISD's Elementary Gifted & Talented Program


    What does our AIM curriculum look like in each grade?

    Kindergarten: Critical Thinking Skills
    We begin service for kindergarten students during the spring.  A variety of higher level thinking skills, logic, and critical/creative thinking skills are introduced. Students also learn the difference between convergent/divergent thinking.

    1st, 2nd & 3rd Grade: Ancient Egypt & "A Culture of Water" 

    Explore ancient Egypt to demonstrate the interdependent systems that develop and sustain a civilization. Students will generate an understanding for the importance of water while learing about the oldest civilization recorded and how they access water.  They will explore the following topics:

    • Location of Egypt and what the Nile River has to offer
    • Components of a civilization
    • People and society structures
    • Floods and farming, Egyptian daily life
    • Bartering economy
    • Egyptian mythology and the Pharaohs
    • Language
    • Pyramids and tombs
    • Egyptian art
    • Mummies
    • The Aswan Dam
    • Water issues
    • The City of Allen’s water


    4th, 5th & 6th Grade: TPSP Texas Getaway (with a focus on National Parks) and Designing Spaces Combo

    Throughout this project, students will explore national parks and learn that every park tells a story. If we figure out the story, we will learn about environmental changes, the history of our nation, science, and humanities. Students will explore the following topics:

    • History of our School’s Namesake / How National Parks are Named
    • Conserve and Protect
    • Problem Solving for National Parks
    • Invasive Species and Human Invasive Behavior
    • Humans as Invasive Species and Conservation Efforts
    • Wilderness Survival Skills
    • Planning a Camping Trip
    • Careers
    • Design Challenges
    • LOTS of STEM challenges too!

    Students will conclude the year long unit by working to create a Tourism Festival. Everything we learn throughout the year will set students up to complete this end of year project.