There are 4 critiques required this year.
    You are expected to attend all AHS productions and write a critique. Submit critiques in Canvas!
    The due dates for these reports are:
    1st quarter play report: (Fall Play; September 26 and 28)***Play critique due: Oct. 4
    2nd quarter play report:***Play critique due: December 6
    December 12-14 (Senior Directed Plays)
    3rd quarter play report: (Musical; January 30 through February 1 )***Play critique due: February 7
    4th quarter play report: (OAP; March TBA)***Play critique due: May 1
    Do you receive extra time on assignments? This time has been adjusted for you in the Canvas Module for Play Critiques.


    If you are unable to attend the production, you are expected to:
    1. read the script and write a critique about the script that you read
    2. read any play and write a critique about the script that you read
    3. watch any live performance and write a critique over the performance
    4. work an event in the PAC and write a critique about your experience. 
     I do understand emergency situations may keep you from being at school on a due date or keep you from seeing a production. Communication is very important and I can only work with you if I am aware that there is an issue. I encourage you to turn in critiques prior to the due date. You are responsible for collecting all missed or alternative assignments.