2019-2020 Charging Policy

    Students use a prepaid lunch account to purchase his or her school meals.  Students will be allowed a grace period of two days to continue to purchase school meals when the account balance has been exhausted.  The District will allow the student's account to accumulate a negative balance with no fees or interest applied to the account.  After the student reaches the maximum charge limit, the student may receive an alternate meal.

    Students with a negative balance will not be allowed to purchase a la carte, snacks or extra items during the grace period.  When the grace period has ended, the student will need to eat breakfast before coming to school and bring a lunch from home until the account has funds.

    A School Messenger (voicemail and written email) notice goes out as soon as the account is below zero and continues every evening as long as there is a negative balance in the account.

    Parents are strongly encouraged to continually monitor their child’s meal account balance.



    Parents will receive a notice from School Messenger every day that the student’s account is exhausted.

    Parents can check the student’s account balance on PayPAMS at no charge.

    Parents can set up automatic payments with PayPams.

    Students will be given low balance notes to take home.