2017-18 Student Handbook

    Parents are strongly encouraged to continually monitor their child’s meal account balance.

    When a student’s meal account is depleted, the district will notify the parent.

    The student will be allowed to continue purchasing meals for up to 2 days or up to $7.00, whichever occurs first, according to the grace period set by the school board, and the district will present the parent with a schedule of repayment for any outstanding account balance and an application for free or reduced meals.

    If the district is unable to work out an agreement with the student’s parent on replenishment of the student’s meal account and payment of any outstanding balance, the student will receive an alternate meal. The district will make every effort to avoid bringing attention to such a student. .


    ¨ Parents will receive a notice from School Messenger every day that the student’s account is exhausted.

    ¨ Parents can check the student’s account balance on PayPams at no charge.

    ¨ Parents can set up automatic payments with PayPams.



    ¨ The Cafeteria Manager will determine which students would not be able to charge a meal on that day. 

    ¨ She will make arrangements for the student to be notified and explain the alternate meal procedure.

    ¨ Suggested ways to inform students include speaking to the student, notifying the teacher, or sending a note to the classroom for the student.

    ¨ As the student enters the cafeteria for mealtime, both the Cafeteria Manager and staff will assist the student with obtaining the alternate meal.