• Recommended Books for Parents and Teachers
    About Dyslexia; Unraveling the Myth
    Smart Kids with School Problems
    Priscilla Vail
    All Kinds of Minds
    Guidelines to All Kinds of Minds
    Educational Care
    Keeping a Head in School
    Mel Levine, M.D.
    Basic Facts about Dyslexia; What Everyone Ought to Know
    International Dyslexia Association
    Beginning to Read; Thinking and Learning about Print
    Marilyn Jager Adams, Ph.D.
    Bridges to Reading; What to do When You Suspect Your Child Has a Problem 
    Parent’s Educational Resource Center
    The Difficult Child
    Stanley Turecki, M.D. and Leslie Tonner
    Dyslexia and Related Disorders
    Texas Education Agency
    The Dyslexic Scholar: Helping Your Child Succeed in the School System
    Kathleen Nosek
    Helping Children Overcome L.D.
    Jerome Rosner
    Helping Me to Help My Child; A Sourcebook for Parents of Learning Disabled Children
    Jill Bloom
    Homework Without Tears
    Lee Cantor and Lee Housner
    The Human Side of Dyslexia
    Shirley Kurnoff
    The Learning Disabled Child; Ways Parents Can Help
    S. Stevens
    The Misunderstood Child
    Larry Silver, M.D.
    No Easy Answers
    Sally Smith
    No One to Play With; Social Problems of LD and ADD Children
    Betty Osman
    The Orton Emertius Series
    The Orton Dyslexia Society
    Overcoming Dyslexia
    Sally Shaywitz, M.D.
    Parents Are Teachers
    Wesley Becker
    Parent Power; A Guide to Responsible Childrearing
    Logan Wright
    Reading for Parents
    Orton Dyslexia Society
    The Schools We Need and Why We Don’t Have Them
    E.D. Hirsch
    Straight Talk about Reading
    Susan Hall and Louisa Moats
    Teaching Our Children to Read; The Role of Skills in a Comprehensive Reading Program
    Bill Honig
    Thinking Differently; An Inspiring Guide for Parents of Children with Learning Disabilities
    David Flink
    To Read or Not to Read
    Daphne M. Hurford
    What’s Wrong with Me?; Learning Disabilities at Home and at School
    Regina Cicci
    Your Child’s Growing Mind; A Practical Guide to Brain Development and Learning from Birth to Adolescence
    Jane M. Healy, Ph.D.
    Recommended Books for Children
    Charlie’s Challenge
    Ann Root and Linda Gladden
    Fish in a Tree 
    Lynda Mullaly Hunt 
    Hank Zipper books by Henry Winkler
    How Dyslexic Benny Became a Star; A Story of Hope for Dyslexic Children and Their Parents
    Joe Griffith
    It’s Called Dyslexia
    Jennifer Moore-Mallinos
    Josh: A Boy with Dyslexia
    Caroline Janover
    Keeping A Head in School
    Melvin Levine, M.D.
    Learning Disabilities and The Don’t-Give-Up Kid
    Eagle Eyes; A Child’s View of Attention Deficit Disorder
    Jeanne Gehret, M.A.