• Students and Parents:

    Students requesting a level change for the spring semester must submit a level change request form no later than 5:00 PM on Friday, November 11th, 2022.  The form will only accept one level change request per submission and will only open from an AISD email address.  Students seeking a level change in more than one class will need to submit a form for each class.

    If you are seeking a level change, please keep in mind that tutoring, meetings with your teacher, effort in class and in completing your work, and other evidence of an honest attempt in the class is important in the consideration process. Please include all relevant information on why you are requesting a change, and provide an extensive explanation regarding your reasons for making the request. The more information you provide on why you are requesting a change, the easier it will be to determine if your request is warranted. 

    Not every level change request will be approved.  Some degree of struggle is expected in an advanced class, and grades may not be up to a student’s personal standard.  We intend for students to remain in the classes they chose during course selection, and to take advantage of the supports we have in place for them. Likewise, students who are currently struggling in a class will likely not have a request to level up approved. Occasionally, students exhaust all possible sources of help and no intervention strategy is successful. These are the level change requests we approve.

    Teachers will also provide observations and feedback to us as we consider each level change request. As we make decisions, we will notify students via their Skyward student email address.  Approved level changes will be determined in December prior to the end of the semester, and approved students will join their new class at the start of the spring semester.

    The level change request form is linked below. Forms will close at 5:00 PM on Friday, November 11th.  We will not accept late forms, so please submit your requests ahead of the deadline.