• Dillard Center


    Information Sheet




    The Dillard Center does offer food services for students.  Students who choose may purchase lunch and their accounts are debited accordingly.  Students may also elect to bring a sacked lunch from home. Any drinks brought must be in a factory sealed, unopened container.  Lunch items brought from home need to be items that can be refrigerated, such as sandwiches and/or Lunchables.  

      • Food should not be delivered during the school day. If, for some reason, a parent needs to bring lunch to a student, it must be something that can be refrigerated. No hot items, such as fast food or pizza, are allowed.
      • No microwave items are allowed.
      • Drinks opened prior to entering Dillard will be thrown away.
      • You should advise the administrator if you are on free or reduced lunch and would like for that benefit to continue.
      • Lunches are kept in a refrigerator with limited space.
      • Food and drinks are only allowed at desks during lunch time. 
    *Food and drinks may be allowed if they are medically necessary.
    Electronic Devices:
    Students are encouraged to leave all electronic devices, including cell phones, at home or in their vehicles. If students choose to bring electronic devices on campus, they will be taken up during check-in and returned at the end of each day. 
    If your child is absent, please notify his/her teacher via email or call 972-727-7163. Upon return to Dillard, parent(s) must provide a signed not explaining the reason for the absence(s) and the date of the absence(s). If the note is not received within 3 school days of the student returning to school, the absence(s) will be marked as unexcused. Excessive absences can be a reason to return students to their home campus. 
    • If your child rides the bus, please also notify the Transportation Department of the absence prior to 8:00 a.m.
    Students may use the shuttle services from the high school or a parent/approved adult must drive the student to and from the Dillard Center each day. The third option for Eagle Academy students is to drive their own vehicle under the following requirements:
     Drivers must provide the following information:
    1. Proof of current/valid insurance
    2. A valid Texas driver’s license
    3. License plate number and make/model of car
    4. Have appropriate behavior at Dillard and on school property
    5. Have no more than (3) tardies or (2) unexcused absences.
    • NO transport of discipline students
    • Students may ride with other non-discipline students with written parent & principal permission.  This privilege can be removed at Administrators discretion.
    • The driving student must provide numbers 1-3.  Violation of numbers 4 and 5 could result in the suspension of driving privileges for a length of time to be determined by the Principal.


Last Modified on June 13, 2019