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    Frequently Asked Questions about the IB Programme at Allen High School
    Q: We do not reside within the boundaries of Allen ISD. Can my son or daughter be accepted into the AHS IB Programme as a transfer student?
    A: No. Students must live within AISD boundaries to be part of our IB programme.  
    Q: How long has AHS had an IB programme?
    A: Since 1999. 
    Q: We are moving from another city/state/country and my child is currently enrolled in an IB programme. Can my child continue taking IB courses at AHS?
    A: The AHS IB programme is open only to students in 11th and 12th grades. If your child is in a Middle Years programme (MYP) and wishes to eventually take IB courses at AHS, we encourage taking rigorous courses in the years leading up to 11th grade. Students entering our IB programme must have taken either Algebra 2 or Pre-Calculus by the end of 10th grade in order to meet prerequisites for either of our IB Maths. Students also need to have finished at least the second year of Chinese, French, German, or Spanish by the end of 10th grade as the IB diploma requires 4 years, minimum, of a foreign language. 
    If your child is currently enrolled in an IB school and wants to continue as an IB student at Allen High School, the only way he or she can do so is if the IB courses they are currently enrolled in or, in the case of 12th graders, finished the first year of, are the same courses taught at the same level. For students who are transferring to AHS from another IB Diploma Program, the student must enroll with AHS before we will advise the student if their IB courses will transfer to AHS accordingly. AHS Counselors and the AHS IB Diploma Program Coordinator will not academically advise students prior to enrollment.
    For example, all of our IB diploma candidates take IB HL English Language and Literature. A student who has been enrolled in IB SL English Language and Literature or IB SL English Literature in another IB programme would not be able to continue in that course at AHS because the levels are different (HL vs SL) and the courses are different (Literature versus Language and Literature).
    A student enrolled in HL English Literature will not be able to take HL English Language and Literature; this is not the same course. 
    Another example: A 12th grade student who did not take year one of HL History of the Americas in 11th grade at his or her previous school could not continue in the AHS IB programme because HL History of the Americas is a two-year course in our programme. A list of all the IB courses we offer is in "The IB Programme at AHS" tab on the left. 
    Q: Do students have to apply for acceptance into the IB Programme?
    A: No. There is no application process. Our IB Diploma Programme is open to any AHS 11th/12th grade student.
    Q: Can students in 9th and 10th grades take IB courses?
    A: No. Students must be enrolled in at least 11th grade to take an IB course. 
    Q: My son or daughter is enrolled in a foreign language other than Chinese, French, German, or Spanish. Can he or she complete an IB diploma? 
    A: No. The only IB languages we offer at AHS are Mandarin Chinese, French, German, and Spanish. 
    Q: What grade weight is given to IB courses?
    A: IB courses receive a Level 3 (5.0) grade weight. This is the highest weight we assign to an academic course; Advanced Placement courses also receive a Level 3 grade weight also. 
    Q: My son or daughter is not planning to attend college outside of the United States. Is there any reason for him/her to take IB courses?
    A: Yes! IB coursework (especially as part of an IB Diploma) is recognized and valued by colleges in the U.S. In some cases, colleges grant more credit for IB courses than AP courses. Please visit the website of the college your son or daughter is interested in, and view their IB credit policy. Also keep in mind that the important thing is for students to be prepared for the workload they will have in college. Course credit is a secondary concern. 
    Q: How many students are enrolled in the IB Programme at AHS?
    A: We currently have 90 IB Diploma Candidates - 45  in 12th grade (Class of 2023), and 45 in 11th grade (Class of 2024). An additional 100 or so students are enrolled in certificate courses - an explanation of those is behind the "IB Programme at AHS" link on the left.  
    Q: My child is identified as Gifted/Talented (GT). Can he take AP GT Phoenix English and still be part of the IB Programme?
    A: IB Diploma candidates must take IB HL English Language and Literature in 11th and 12th grades. IB Diploma candidates may not take AP GT Phoenix English. Gifted students in IB are enrolled in the GT sections of the HL English classes. The teachers of those classes work diligently to meet the social, emotional, and academic needs of our gifted IB learners. 
    Q: My child is in middle school/ 9th grade/ 10th grade. What should he/ she do now to prepare for entrance into the IB Programme?  
    A: We encourage potential IB students to avail themselves to rigorous coursework to prepare for the transition to a full load of IB courses. Students wishing to pursue an IB diploma should also be enrolled in at least a third year of Chinese, French, German, or Spanish by the time they reach 11th grade, and they also need to have finished either Algebra 2 or Pre-Calculus before 11th grade so that they meet prerequisites for either SL Math or HL Math.