•  CAS
    (Creativity- Activity-Service) 
    CAS is the heart of the IB Diploma Programme. CAS is designed to strengthen and extend students' personal and interpersonal learning, and to leave their comfort zone by engaging in activities they otherwise would not have over the course of the two-year Diploma Programme. CAS experiences take place outside of the classroom. 

    The components of CAS are:
    Creativity: Exploring and extending ideas leading to an original or interpretive product or performance
    Activity: Physical exertion contributing to a healthy lifestyle
    Service: Collaborative and reciprocal engagement with the community in response to an authentic need 
    Stephanie Kaminer (SL Art) and Lee Ferguson (AP, SL, and HL Biology) are our CAS coordinators.
    Here are a few of our Class of 2017 IB Diploma Candidates with their senior CAS project. They arranged an art exchange with elementary students in Peru. We displayed the Peruvian kids' art in one of the cases at AHS:
    Peru Art Exchange  
    In the spirit of leaving our comfort zones, our junior and senior IB students learned to hip-hop dance at one of our CIBS (Community of International Baccalaureate Scholars) meetings:
    CIBS Hip Hop  
    For more information about CAS, please contact Mrs. Kaminer (Stephanie.Kaminer@allenisd.org) or Mrs. Ferguson (Lee.Ferguson@allenisd.org).