• Frequently Asked Questions
    Why should I join AECPTA? What does this PTA do?
    The short answer is fun and friendship, with a twist! The long answer is to join a group that provides great support to parents and families with children ages 0-5. While we function similarly to many of the moms’ groups you find in our area, AECPTA goes beyond basic playdates, adding an emphasis on promoting the welfare of young children. We do this through parent education programs, community service, and organized family activities. By supporting the whole family, we strive to create a strong network for parents and caregivers as their children grow. Our monthly calendar is always full of fun things for the whole family, and older siblings are welcome. For a more comprehensive list of all of the activities offered through AECPTA, check out our Member Benefits page.
    Where does the money from the dues go?
    Some of the money from dues goes to administrative expenses (insurance, state & national dues, general supplies) and some goes towards technology (web hosting, Meetup.com). Since we are not affiliated with a particular school, the rest of it goes right back to our members! We use the remainder of the dues to fund the activities outlined on our Member Benefits page.
    Do I need to live in Allen to join? Does my child have to attend a preschool?
    No! We have members from Allen, McKinney, Fairview, Plano, Lucas, Parker, and Murphy. We are not associated with a specific preschool and have families that attend different preschools or no preschool at all.
    Is this group only for moms?
    No, our group is comprised of all types of family members. AECPTA considers each membership a “family” membership, meaning that one person signs up and everyone in their household is welcome to member events. Dads and grandparent caregivers are always welcome to be members.
    Are there meeting requirements I have to meet?
    We encourage you to use AECPTA in whatever way works best for you and your family. Our calendar is filled with a variety of activities spanning different days and times. You can come to as many or as few things as you would like. Our monthly Membership Meetings are used to conduct business and each has a speaker invited to present on different topics. They are always interesting, but you are not required to go.
    Are there ways I can volunteer? Do I have to volunteer?
    Like all PTA groups, we have ample opportunities to volunteer. From ongoing board and committee positions to one-time events, there are always ways to lend a hand. However, volunteering is not mandatory! You will never be required to volunteer, nor will you be made to feel bad if you don’t. We are a very accepting group and understand that our members have varying ways in which they participate in AECPTA.
Last Modified on July 10, 2017