Fun for the whole family, member parties are held in the summer, fall, winter, and spring.
    Cooking Club
    Different themes and recipe exchanges are held each month. 
    Moms' Night Out & Moms' Night In
    moms' night out Monthly outings to enjoy some well-deserved time to ourselves. Restaurants, movies, or nights in to chat or work on crafts.
    Dads' Night Out
    We take care of our dads, too! Bowling, video game, and movie nights give the dads a chance to hang out.
    Babysitting Co-op
    The Babysitting Co-op is a way to trade babysitting hours with other AECPTA members. The co-op is based on a point system, meaning it’s free! 
    Book Club
    Everyone is welcome, book finished or not. Members vote on books a few times times a year and select across several genres. 
    Sunshine Committee
    One of our most loved traditions, we provide meals and support when members have just had a baby or are going through a tough time.
    Parent Education
    A speaker gives educational presentation at each of our membership meetings. Past topics have included sibling rivalry, stress management, sensory play, organizational tips, pediatric dental health, and brain development. community
    Online Community
    We have a private Facebook group where members gather to chat, swap tips, and schedule impromptu playdates.
    Alumni Group
    Some of our members stay in our group through the year their child goes to kindergarten and many also/only join the PTA at the elementary school level. Either way, after your child “ages out” of AECPTA we offer a free Alumni group so you can continue on with the friendships you’ve gained with us. 
    These small groups meet regularly throughout the year at homes, parks, and play places.
    Field Trips
    Museums, zoos, aquariums, fire stations, playgrounds, splash parks, bounce houses, open gyms, and more. AECPTA helps your child experience what Collin County and surrounding areas have to offer.
    Craft Circle
    Monthly events to try out new art projects, create keepsakes, and make a mess at someone else's house!
    Dads-N-Kids Activities
    calendar Monthly outings are scheduled just for dads and their children to have some fun together.
    Comprehensive Calendar
    In addition to our regular activities, AECPTA also adds community events to our calendar so you can find events offered through the library, the city, and local businesses all in one convenient place.
    Community Service Projects
    We take pride in making a difference in our community and neighborhoods. Events are planned to teach our children the importance of community and giving of oneself.
Last Modified on July 11, 2017