• Parents and Students:

    We will order May 2021 AP exams in October 2020. This video explains the ordering process in detail: May 2021 AP Exam Ordering.

    Please watch the video, especially if you've never ordered an AP exam with us before. The exam ordering process requires two steps: Step One is to enter the join code into AP Classroom; Step Two is to pay for the exam in Total Registration. Keep scrolling for more information about both steps. 

    Join Codes:

    The College Board requires students to link their College Board account to the specific AP exam they want to take. The student's account and AP exam(s) are linked with a join code. Current AHS students in AP classes were expected to join their AP classes with the join code earlier in this school year; join codes are posted by the AP teacher in Canvas. 

    If a student does not have a College Board account, he or she cannot take an AP exam. The join code, in addition to giving the student access to AP Classroom resources, places the student in the exam order queue. If you are a current AHS student without a working College Board account, it is imperative that you contact the College Board directly to get account issues resolved. You can reach them at 888-225-5427.


    AP Exam Ordering:

    AP exam registration for May 2021 exams opens October 9, 2020, and closes October 30, 2020.

    October 30 is our primary exam ordering deadline; this deadline is firm. 

    Students enrolled in AP US Government, AP Macroeconomics, AP Spanish for Native Speakers, and AP Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism will have an opportunity to register for those exams in February 2021 because the College Board allows a spring exam order for one-semester spring classes. No other AP exams will be ordered in the spring. 

    Students may order AP exams for classes that they are enrolled in. Students may also re-sit an AP exam if they want to try to improve their score. Students who elect to re-sit an exam should plan to spend significant time preparing for it, but their focus really should be on the AP exams that are attached to classes they're currently taking. If you wish to re-sit an exam, please reach out directly to Shelly Holmes (via email at Shelly.Holmes@allenisd.org) for the join code. 

    The only AP exams we permit students to take without being enrolled in the AP class are AP Chinese, AP Japanese, and AP Microeconomics- with AP coordinator approval. If you wish to take one of these AP exams, you must have a working College Board account. Please reach out directly to Shelly Holmes (via email at Shelly.Holmes@allenisd.orgfor the join code if you wish to take one of those three exams.

    Homeschooled students: You have an opportunity to register for AP exams at AHS. Please reach out to Shelly Holmes via email at Shelly.Holmes@allenisd.org for the join code(s) for the exams you wish to take. 


    Step Two of Ordering: Paying for the Exam on Total Registration

    The fee for each AP exam is $99; students who qualify for free or reduced lunch pay $20 per AP exam. The application for free or reduced lunch is here: Application for Free or Reduced Lunch

    We will use Total Registration for AP exam payments this year.

    Here's the link to the AHS Total Registration Site: Total Registration.


    UPDATED INFORMATION: The College Board will not be charging canceled or unused exam fees this year. Students may cancel an exam at any time, this school year only, and receive a full refund. 


    AP Exam Dates

    Click here for the May 2021 AP exam calendar. The College Board sets AP testing dates, and has communicated to us that AP exams will be given in their traditional format this season. 


    If there's an AP/IB exam conflict, the AP exam will be rescheduled. If there's a conflict between two AP exams, one of the AP exams will be rescheduled. 

    We will make every effort to resolve AP and IB exam conflicts with the least possible inconvenience to students and families. 


    AP Exams- Common Questions (I'll update this section as I have additional info)

    1. Do I have to take the AP exam? No, but if you want college credit for the course, this is the only way to get it.
    2. Why are we registering for AP exams now? School just started. The College Board AP exam ordering process for one-year AP classes is in October.
    3. What if I register for the AP exam then decide in May that I don’t want to take it? Students can cancel AP exams up until the exam date with no cancellation fee-- this school year only.
    4. Will AP exams be online or in person this year? The College Board has told us AP exams will be in person and administered in their traditional format. Logistics will be worked out in the spring as far as social distancing and at-home learners coming to AHS to test.
    5. What happens if school closes/COVID precautions change/etc.? I will communicate out information to everyone as I have it.
    6. I joined AP Classroom and it says that I’m registered for the exam already. Am I? No, you are not. The exam indicator for every student who joins AP Classroom is defaulted to “yes”. This does NOT mean you are registered for the exam. You have to pay for the exam in Total Registration for an exam to be ordered for you. When I get our order ready for submission, the students who register on Total Registration are the ones whose AP Classroom exam indicator remains “yes”; the others will be changed to “no”.


    Please let me know if you have questions about the AP exam ordering process. 

    Shelly Holmes

    AP Coordinator

    Allen High School