• Setting up E-mail Notifications in Skyward Family Access

     Guardians have the ability to set E-mail notifications for attendance (all grades)
    and grades (grades 6-12) in Skyward Family Access
    1. Login to Skyward Family Access
    2. Click on 'My Account' in the upper right corner
    3. Go to the 'Email Notifications' section at the bottom of the page
    A. You can choose to receive an Attendance Notification for your child. An e-mail, wall message, or both depending on selection, will be sent/posted to you whenever your child is marked absent or tardy.
    B. You can choose to receive an E-Mail Grading Notification if any of the criteria listed are met.Setting a Low Assignment/Class Grade Percent will ensure that you are notified if your child receives an Assignment or class grade that is at or below this value. The primary parent sets these thresholds for the family.
    C. You also have the option to receive progress reports for your child. Once this is selected, you are able to specify how often the progress report will be sent to you via an E-mail notification.
    Skyward Email  
    It is very import to keep your email address up to date
    Double check your email address and update if needed