• Students and Parents:

    What is a level change? A student moving from advanced to on level or on level to advanced in science, social studies, or English.


    What about a level change in Math?  Students can move from advanced to on level.  Students must qualify based on criteria from the previous school year in order to be placed in advanced math.  There will be no requests accepted for students to move from on level to advanced math this school year. 


    When can level changes occur?  The window for requesting a level change is Monday, September 13th- Sunday, September 19th.  The change will go into effect Tuesday, September 21st.  Any request outside this window will not be granted.  The next opportunity for a level change will be the first five days of the spring semester (Tuesday, January 4th- Monday, January 10th). 


    When are level changes approved? Some degree of struggle is expected in an advanced class, and grades may not be up to a student’s (or parents) personal standard at the beginning of the year. We intend for students to remain in the classes they chose during course selection, and to take advantage of the supports we have in place for them. Occasionally, students exhaust all possible sources of help and no intervention strategy is successful. If a student is not feeling challenged in an on-level course we will look at grades and feedback from students, parents, and teachers. 


    What steps need to be completed for a level change?

    1. Reach out to your teacher directly to create a plan for success.
    2. Parents must complete the following google form to request a level change: Level Change Form

    Teachers will provide observations and feedback to us as we consider each level change request. As we make decisions, we will notify students and parents about the schedule change.