All medications, whether prescription or non-prescription, must be taken to the school Nurse or one of the authorized persons in the school office, along with a dated, written and signed request from the parent or guardian. If there is not a request accompanying the medication, the parent or guardian will be contacted and/or a Medication Permission Form will either be sent home or faxed for completion. Failure to deliver medication to the office/clinic may result in serious disciplinary action.


    All medications (prescription and over the counter) must be brought to school and given only to the School Nurse or Health Clerk. This must be done as soon after arrival in the main building as possible. ALL controlled medications must be brought to clinic by parent/guardian.  

    The school nurse should receive notification of any change in medication, dosage, or time. If medication regime is changed for school a new Medication Permission Slip will be sent home for an update.

    Medication (Controlled Substances) Check: 

    1. ALL controlled medications must be brought to clinic by parent/guardian.
    2. Medication is checked in and logged.
    3. Medication is counted and checked with the signed Medication Count Slip.
    4. Parent will be called to verify any necessary missing information.