• Name: Kim Barr                                         Grade:  Second Grade          Room: 111

    Birth Date: 8-18                                                                                  Favorite Color: Pink/Blue

    Colors: Pink/ Blue

    Favorite Foods: Mexican       

    Favorite Drink (other than soft drink): Unsweetened Ice Tea Extra Ice or water

    Favorite Restaurants: Jason’s, Cheddars, Panera, Rosa's, Elke’s, Cafe Gecko

    Favorite Fast Food Restaurant: Taco Bueno, Sonic, Whataburger, Chick-fil-A

    Favorite Breakfast: Chick-fil-A chicken breakfast burrito

    Favorite Lunch: Elke’s chicken salad sandwich on wheat bread with jalapeno chips

    Favorite Snack Food: raisins, almonds, chocolate              Favorite Emergency Food: Chocolate!

    Favorite Muffin: Chocolate or Blueberry      

    Food Allergies or Preferences:  none

    Favorite Stores:  Ann Taylor Loft Outlet, Kirklands, Target, Talbots Outlet, Amazon, Hobby Lobby

    Favorite Flowers:  Sunflowers

    Books I would like to have: 

    Personal: I have a Kindle, so an Amazon gift card would be nice.

    Classroom: any books

    Gift Ideas Personal: gift cards from favorite stores

    Gift Ideas Classroom: gift cards to book stores or Amazon

    Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas: gift cards