• 2016-2017 Educational Grant Awards


    Career & Technology Grants

    Curtis Middle School -  Curtis Technology Club  - Rasberry Pi's (Ann Allen, Rehana Siddiqi)

    Curtis Middle School -  STEM/Robotics (Kevin Lidington)

    Ford Middle School -  Tools in the Kitchen (Kelli Walston)

    Story Elementary -  Story Falcons are Future Leaders! (Melissa Gonzalez, Stacey Thomas)


    English/Language Arts Grants

    District -  ALLen Reads (Regina Schneider)

    Anderson Elementary -  All-Star Summer Reading Program (Aimee Hilton, Pam Comerford)

    Anderson Elementary -  Extreme Makeover - Recharging  Readers (Beth Miller, Lisa Hayden)

    Boyd Elementary -  Read All About It!
    (Laura Duarte, Maridee Ryan, Tammy Smith, Dora Hawkins, Ashley Turpin, Lindsay Ornbaun)

    Chandler Elementary -  Battle of the Books Part 2 (Royla Gossett, Brenda Steffens/Reed)
    Cheatham Elementary -  Non-Fiction Literature Comes Alive (Carin Engelbert)
    Marion Elementary -  Don't Judge a Book By It's Cover (Carol Fancher)
    Marion Elementary -  Building a Community of Readers
    (Bethany McIntyre, Jenny Armentrout, Jennifer Wright, Jamye Hall, Amanda Cleveland)
    Olson Elementary -  I Can Read with My Peers! (Kim Isenberg)
    Rountree Elementary -  Little Free Library! (Susan Demarest)
    Rountree Elementary -  Now is the 'Time for Kids'! (Jenne Finke)
    Rountree Elementary -  Ready to Read (Melody Smith, Christyn Guy, Stevie Hock)
    Rountree Elementary -  Beyond the Page and to the Stage (Angelita Tranka)
    Story Elementary -  Literature Circles with 1st and 2nd Graders (Teri Coroneos, Petrina Steele)
    ESL Grants
    Boyd Elementary -  A Writer's Best Friend:  Interactive Writing Notebooks for the Dual Language Classroom (Heather Chavez)

    Boyd Elementary -  Let's Talk About It (Mary Manasse, Katie Latham)

    Lowery Freshman Center -  Soaring Like an Eagle (Deena Donohue, Jose Salas)

    Lowery Freshman Center -  Vocabulary Magic in Science (Leslie Gardner, Deena Donohue, Darren Gaas, Karren McMahon)


    Fine Arts Grants

    District -  Teacher Continuing Education (Jeff Turner)

    Boyd Elementary -  First Generation Musicians (Nancy Jung)

    Rountree Elementary -  Art for Rountree (Jamee Arrington)


    Foreign Language Grants

    Lowery Freshman Center -  Opening College Doors - Supporting Our Native Speakers - Part 2 (Jose Salas)

    Lowery Freshman Center -  Sister Schools (Martina Thompson/Lowery, Laura Soto/Boyd)


    Gifted & Talented Program Grants

    Boon Elementary -  A Myriad of Possibilities...Texas Performance Standards Project Investigations
    (Beth Wininger/Boon, Terry Rains/Anderson, Julie McGary/Bolin,  Jane Gillette/Boyd, Diane Moore/Chandler,

    Karri Decker/Cheatham, Jackie Zander/Evans, Carrie Sledge/Green, Ashley Weller/Kerr, Jennifer Gurss/Lindsey, 
    Karen Abney/Marion,  Karen Szeryk/Norton, Tiffany Dudley/Olson, Katie Lasseter/Reed, Vanessa Norman/Rountree,
    Michele Dickerson/Story, Beth Monsen/Vaughan)

    Chandler Elementary -  LEGO and Build Brain Power (Diane Moore)

    Chandler Elementary -  Rubik's Cubes and the Power of YET! (Diane Moore)

    Cheatham Elementary -  Think, Make, Innovate - Green Screens Engage! (Karri Decker)

    Cheatham Elementary -  Legos - LearnToLearn Class Set and Curriculum (Karri Decker)

    Cheatham Elementary -  Makey Makey (Julie Georgas, Aly Moore, Amanda Perkins, Jessica Fandrick, Holly Hurst, Cathy Embry)

    Green Elementary -  You Can Do the Cube (Carrie Sledge)


    Guidance & Counseling Grants

    Lindsey Elementary -  Growing Lindsey Leaders (Rachel Kaiser)

    Reed Elementary -  Girls Break A Way/Boys to Men (Christi Stinchcomb, Adam Olsen)

    Rountree Elementary -  A Family-Community Affair
    (Beth Bentley/Rountree, Michele Fesenbek/Rountree, Autumn Parsons/Boyd, Marisol Puterbaugh/Boyd)


    Math Grants

    Boyd Elementary -  Visual Models for Strategic Reasoning (Ashley Nelson)

    Boyd Elementary -  Fraction Tower Equivalency Cubes (Ashley Nelson)

    Cheatham Elementary -  Rolling the Dice in Math and Reading (Carin Engelbert)

    Green Elementary -  Math in Action (Tamara Huffman, Susan Frick, Kayla Randolph, Kathi Dishong)

    Kerr Elementary -  Math Master Minds (Regena Bell)

    Norton Elementary -  Building Critical Thinking Through Games (Terri Cooper)

    Norton Elementary -  Math Games Galore (Shawna Wheeler)

    Olson Elementary -  Math Racking Our Brains (Debbie Bellando, Samantha Shuttleworth)

    Olson Elementary -  We 'Otter' Play Math Games
    (Trish Choate, Tracy Martin, Lindsay Westerberg, Allie Thompson, Cathy Wilson)

    Olson Elementary -  Enriching the Resources (Tiffany Dudley, Katie Ponce, Mavi Dean)
    Reed Elementary -  Games for Your Brain of All Ages
    (Jules Casey, Lauren Pearson, Janice Cooper, Anita Tilson, Jennifer Dingler, Shannon Hullum, Donna Esfandiari)
    Rountree Elementary -  Building Fact Fluency with Critical Thinking (Jennifer Carlson)
    Story Elementary -  Marvelous Math Masters (Trish Jarboe)
    Story Elementary -  Wanted: Math Maniacs (Rachel Wicks, Lisa Wright, Katie Cooley)

    Physical Education Grants

    District -  Music to my Ears, Mind, Body and Heart!
    (Melinda Smith/Admin, Ginny Tucker/Anderson, Mary Spears/Bolin, Billy Tanksley/Boon, Jinger Bibbie/Chandler,

    Jamee Little/Chandler, Libby Kaspar/Cheatham, Karen Fetner/Evans, Becky Stamey/Green, Lisa Yost/Kerr,  
    Karen Gravley/Kerr, Connie Beaney/Lindsey, Kera Williams/Marion, Kelly Kopczynski/Norton, Angie Platten/Olson,
    Adam Olsen/Reed, Gena Flemmer/Rountree, Erin Needham/Story, Julie Hudson/Vaughan)

    Curtis Middle School -  Strengthening and Stretching the Mind and Body (Paula Helms)

    Curtis Middle School -  Shut Up and Dance with Me (Leslie Wilbanks)

    Rountree Elementary -  Rountree Roadrunners Running Club (Nikki Duncan)


    Science Grants

    Allen High School -  Eagle Music Boxes (Kathryn Lanier)

    Bolin Elementary -  Green Thumb (Emily Barrett, Allyson Kennaugh)

    Bolin Elementary -  STEAM Fridays (Emily Barrett, Allyson Kennaugh)

    Bolin Elementary -  STEAM Rollin' at Bolin! (Alicia Bell, Amanda Dalton, Allyson Kennaugh, Julie McGary)

    Bolin Elementary -  Animals Alive (Vicki Goble-Lane)

    Boyd Elementary -  Science in the Classroom (Ale Garcia, Kaitlin Nelson, Charlotte Robinson)

    Boyd Elementary -  Ross Perot Science Adventure
    (Maloree Tennison, Karen Boyle, Alicia Clark, Jennifer Hill, Heather Chavez, Iris Mancilla)

    Chandler Elementary -  Wonder Wally Early Science (Blake Pi)

    Curtis Middle School -  The Thin Man, Sequential Human Anatomy Program (Mona Abdelkarim)

    Curtis Middle School -  Discovering Data! (Rob Burke)

    Curtis Middle School -  Seeing the 'Spectrum' (Randall Mobley)

    Curtis Middle School -  What Goes Around (Lindy Schiel)

    Curtis Middle School -  Cycling to Compost (Julie Simpson)

    Green Elementary -  Change Matters (Pamela Churchill)

    Green Elementary -  What's Shakin' in Science? (Kelli Roberts)

    Green Elementary -  STEAMing at Green (Carrie Sledge)

    Marion Elementary -  Hands on Activities in a STEM Classroom
    (Melody Ostrander, Katie Briggs, Clint Gebhardt, Samantha Fields, Kelly Vickery)

    Norton Elementary -  Norton Elemenetary STEM Club (Jennifer Chapates, Terri Cooper)

    Olson Elementary -  Perot Visits Olson 6th Graders (Jillian Early)

    Reed Elementary -  Electrical Circuits and Alternative Energy in a 'SNAP' (Christi Stinchcomb)

    Rountree Elementary -  Hands on Science (Christi Gallagher)

    Rountree Elementary -  Let's Get Our Hands on Science (Chinar Young)

    Story Elementary - STEM Robotics Expansion (Deborah Olsson)

    Vaughan Elementary -  Vaughan's Innovative Creations Club & Vaughan Campus STEM Closet
    (Beth Monsen, Susan Beazley, Danh Nguyen)


    Social Studies Grants

    Cheatham Elementary -  News We Can Use (Ashley Dodson, Donna Weir, Stephanie Smith, Heather Nelson, Carli Guest)

    Lindsey Elementary -  Lone Stars Read for the Stars (Jennifer Smith, Ashley Barnes)


    Special Education Grants

    Allen High School -  Working Toward Independence (Kelly Brown)

    Bolin Elementary -  Adaptive Playground Equipment (Stacy Palmertree, Desiree Gotses)

    Chandler Elementary -  Pay Attention Please! (Shayne Williams, Diane Isom)

    Lowery Freshman Center -  MobyMax for Closing the Gap (Sherrie Poorman)

    Olson Elementary -  Story Box Alive! Library
    (Trish Reyna/Olson, Andrea Payne/Central Office, Sherri Idbeis/Cheatham, Colleen Dunphy/Cheatham)