• 2017-2018 Educational Grant Awards

    Counseling Grants

    Boon Elementary - Mindful or Mind Full? (Chelsea Bethke, Jill Greenberg, Holly Siratt, Laura Gongos, Jenna Moles)

    Boyd Elementary - Turning Rainy Days to Brainy Days (Lizabeth Solcher, Ale Sabido, Rebecca Cothron, Gina Venghaus, Buffey Miller, Cortnee Crain)

    District - Growing Leaders in Allen ISD (Tiffany Betterton/Chandler, Brandon Howell /Chandler, Nancy Jung/Boyd,  Jon Mark Preston/Curtis,  DeAnna Donahue/ Ereckson, Paul Harper/Ereckson, Debra Day/Ford, Kelly Vickery/Marion, Solomon Boatfield/Marion, Jillian Sims/Olson, Jason Klotz/Olson, Christi Stinchcomb/Reed, Adam Olsen/Reed, Audra Heins/Rountree, Aaron Douglas/Rountree, Geeta Ramachandran/Rountree, Harold Allen/Rountree)

    Green Elementary - Grow and Glow - Success Starts at Green! (Stacia Butler)

    Lowery Freshman Center - Fostering a Professional Learning Environment for Teachers (Leslie Gardner, Katie Lanier/AHS)

    Lowery Freshman Center - Diverse Teaching for Diverse Learners (Leslie Gardner, Trina Brown)

    Marion Elementary - Break Out Marion! (Brooke Cherry)

    Rountree Elementary - Connecting with Parents (Michele Fesenbek, Beth Bentley; Shawn Wylie/Boyd, Marisol Puterbaugh /Boyd)

    Rountree Elementary - Rountree Wellness Wise Team (Lara Climer)

    Story Elementary - Falcon Future Leaders (Stacey Thomas, Melissa Gonzalez)


    ESL Grants

    Boon Elementary - Spotlight on Comprehension for the ESL Learners (Elizabeth Dentler)

    Lowery Freshman Center - Soaring Like an Eagle (Deena Kohler, Diana Miller, Jose Salas, Karren McMahon)

    Preston Elementary - Crossing Boundaries of Language and Culture (Helen Cherian)


    English/Language Arts Grants

    Anderson Elementary - Extreme Makeover - Recharging Readers Phase 2 (Lisa Hayden, Beth Miller)

    Anderson Elementary - Scholastic News Magazines-4th Grade (Justine Lambert)

    Bolin Elementary - Blazers' Book Club (Emily Barrett)

    Boyd Elementary - Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader (Laura Duarte, Crystal Dunlap, Christina Corral, Karen Boyle, Tammy Dykes, Jennifer Hill)

    Boyd Elementary - Spread The News (Maridee Ryan, Tammy Smith, Ashley Turpin, Dora Hawkins, Denisse Rayas)

    District - ALLen Reads (Kay Hawkins/Curtis)

    Green Elementary - Camp Write About It! (Kara Knisley, Cara Lundberg)

    Lindsey Elementary - Write On! (Heather Janek)

    Olson Elementary - Word Families Big Books (Sam Shuttleworth)

    Olson Elementary - Fidget to Focus (Tiffany Dudley, Katie Ponce)

    Olson Elementary - 'Otters' Explore with National Geographic Explorer Pioneer Magazine (Allie Thompson, Trish Choate, Melissa Johnson, Cathy Wilson, Tracy Martin)

    Preston Elementary - Encouraging Readers and Writers (Jamye Hall)

    Preston Elementary - Makerspace United! (Jenny Armentrout, Karen Abney)

    Rountree Elementary - Live from Rountree Elementary (Mary Higdon, Shelley Privett)

    Rountree Elementary - Rountree Reads (Mary Higdon, Shelley Privett)

    Rountree Elementary - Reading as a Writer (Tami Fee, Jennifer Burak)

    Story Elementary - Literature Circles with 1st and 2nd Graders - Take 2 (Teri Coroneos, Petrina Steele)

    Story Elementary - Reading in a Digital World (Trish Jarboe, Stefanie Clark, Emily Crawford, Patricia Polson)

    Vaughan Elementary - Listening Center (Nikki Robertson, Julie Steen)


    Fine Arts Grants

    Lowery Freshman Center - Helping Young Musicians with Performance Anxiety (Ellen Townley)

    Olson Elementary - Discovering Art as a Reflection of Cultures (Noy Manes)

    Reed Elementary - Sharing with the ALLen Reads Program (Brenda Steffens/Reed, Shelley Privett/Rountree, Ashley Barr/Boyd)

    Reed Elementary - Interactive Student Art Sketchbooks (Brandye Barron)

    Reed Elementary - Instrument Maintenance (Anne Summitt)

    Rountree Elementary - A Day at the Museum (Jamee Arrington)

    Story Elementary - There's No Business Like Show Business! (Kim Lang)


    Foreign Language Grants

    Lowery Freshman Center - Games Games Game (Daphryne Manning)

    Lowery Freshman Center - Opening College Doors - Supporting Our Native Speakers (Part 3) (Jose Salas)

    Lowery Freshman Center - Sister School (Martina Thompson/Lowery, Laura Soto/Boyd)


    Gifted & Talented Grants

    Bolin Elementary - Unlock Learning! (Julie McGary)

    Chandler Elementary - If Pottery Could Talk (Diane Moore)

    Chandler Elementary - Maker Space in the Classroom (Diane Moore)

    Cheatham Elementary - Rubik to the Rescue! (Karri Decker)

    Cheatham Elementary - LEGO Brain POWER! (Karri Decker)

    Vaughan Elementary - Exploring with Rubik's Cubes! (Tonya Jasenof)

    Vaughan Elementary - Wiggle it Just a Little Bit (Jennifer Lambert)


    Math Grants

    Allen High School - Break Out of the Box (Catherine Gregory/AHS, Jacob Gregory/Curtis)

    Anderson Elementary - Can You Hear Me Now? (Lisa Hayden, Beth Miller)

    Boyd Elementary - Math Domains: Bridging the School to Home Connection in Mathematics (Heather Chavez)

    Chandler Elementary - Building Mathematicians (Teri Stepanic, Jenna McGrath)

    Lindsey Elementary - Countdown to Math STAAR (Sonja Paxton)

    Olson Elementary - Enriching the Resources Part II (Tiffany Dudley, Katie Ponce)

    Olson Elementary - Math Write and Wipe! (Sam Shuttleworth)

    Reed Elementary - Enterprise City Field Trip (Sabrina Passanante, Shannon Hullum, Valerie Hinsen)

    Story Elementary - Math Magic (Trish Jarboe)

    Vaughan Elementary - Reading in Math? Yes, with Math Solutions 'Math Reads' (Susan Beazley, Ashley Carlile)

    Vaughan Elementary - MATHCOUNTS® (Don Jung)


    Physical Education Grants

    Boyd Elementary - Bounce it Out! (Jenna Capps, Kelly Banks, Keni Wittgow, Nichole Watts, Rosario Seegmiller, Lyn Batts)

    Curtis Middle School - Grass Roots Volleyball (Paula Helms)

    District - And the Beat Goes On! (Melinda Smith)

    Kerr Elementary - Active Academics: Supporting Classroom Curriculum through Physical Education (Lisa Yost)

    Lindsey Elementary - Make Healthy Choices (Connie Beaney)

    Lindsey Elementary - Yuki Ball (Connie Beaney)

    Rountree Elementary - Rountree Running Club (Nikki Duncan)


    Science Grants

    Anderson Elementary - Anderson's Sprouting Stars Garden (Rebecca Beane Perdue, Dorothy Thompson/Student Nutrition)

    Bolin Elementary - Science Night (Breanna Daniels, Shawn Heisler, Roya Azimi, Rasa Rahmanian, Sonja Louis)

    Bolin Elementary - Science on the Move (Iris Seria)

    Curtis Middle School - Making Virtual Reality an Actual Reality! (Randall Mobley)

    Ereckson Middle School - Understanding the Human Body Using Life Science Models (Lori Allen, Dawn Byars, Darren Gaas, Graham Gadd, John Ricken)

    Ford Middle School - Printer Phenomenon! (Mary Claire March, Edwin Dolores)

    Kerr Elementary - Always Wonder, Always Question! (Regena Bell)

    Lindsey Elementary - Makers Day!!! (Leslie Janek)

    Lowery Freshman Center - Full STEAM Ahead with DNA analysis in 9th Grade (Ann Swain, Tasha Mills)

    Marion Elementary - Egg-ceptional Observations (Kim Leslie, Marci Dolton, Jenny Pero, Paige Bratton, Meredith  Martin)

    Marion Elementary - Science in a Shoebox (Melody Ostrander, Katie Briggs)

    Olson Elementary - A Place for Makers (Tiffany Dudley, Mavi Dean)

    Olson Elementary - Exploring Science with the Perot Museum (Jillian Sims)

    Rountree Elementary - Hands on Science (Christi Gallagher, Angie Tranka, Patricia Gear)

    Rountree Elementary - Rountree Robotics Club (Gina Golden, Chinar Young)

    Vaughan Elementary - Growing Memories (Jessica Gitzinger, Karlye Kile, Beth Monsen)

    Vaughan Elementary - Makerspace: Maximizing Creative Genius (Jessica Gitzinger, Susan Beazley)

    Vaughan Elementary - Mindful Makers: Consumable Makerspace (Jessica Gitzinger, Susan Beazley)

    Vaughan Elementary - STEM for Kinders (Julie Steen)


    Social Studies Grants

    Bolin Elementary - Time for Kids (Emily Barrett)

    Lindsey Elementary - Lone Stars Read A Long Walk to Water (Jennifer Smith, Ashley Barnes)

    Reed Elementary - TIME is Knowledge (Barbara Dill)


    Special Education Grants

    Allen High School - The Movie Project (Lynn Klodzinski)

    Allen High School - Working Toward Independence (Kelly Brown)

    Chandler Elementary - Peanuts for Processing (Shayne Williams)

    Lowery Freshman Center - Sensory Equipment (Teresa Segerstrom)

    Lowery Freshman Center - Hands on Tasks (Kathy Phillips)

    Lowery Freshman Center - Increasing Reading Performance Rate in SPED Students (Ray Klodzinski, Lynn Klodzinski /AHS)

    Marion Elementary - Read to Succeed (Jamie Sutherland)

    Olson Elementary - Otters at Play (Sandy Cervantes, Akemi Steiner, Laura Ghebray, Amanda Holcom, Mark Rudd, Rachel Johnson, Jana Matney, Patricia Reyna)

    Reed Elementary - Wobble Chairs in the DEAR Classroom (Toinette Tillinghast)

    Rountree Elementary - Will You Be My Buddy? (Erin Chambers, Natalie Hernandez, Rachel Harris, Ann Moore, Elizabeth Hedary)