• Break Out Marion!

    Breakout Marion! incorporates the new, exciting problem-solving games, Breakout EDU, which many schools are using with students. Breakout games are similar to breakout rooms which allow students to work collaboratively in problem-solving sessions in order to solve the game.

    Marion - Brooke Cherry

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  • Connecting with Parents

    Areas of concern and interest will be identified for all parents from Boyd and Rountree Elementary. Parents and their families will benefit from knowledge gained by attending parent workshops designed to address specific parenting/student needs.

    Rountree - Michele Fesenbek

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  • Diverse Teaching for Diverse Learners

    This project will allow us to work and learn with teachers about the needs of our diverse population.  We want the best for our students and we do this by learning about our students and implementing that learning into our classrooms.

    Lowery - Leslie Gardner

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  • Falcon Future Leaders

    The opportunity to participate with the PALS program in their leadership sessions, as well as tour Allen High School's Career and Technology areas, will instill dedication, determination, and pride in our sixth grade students, to not only be positive role models on our campus, but to exemplify these life skills in the future.

    Story - Stacey Thomas

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  • Fostering a Professional Learning Environment for Teachers

    This program provides scaffolding for professional development that focuses on strengthening our current professional learning communities to support instructional improvements in the classroom. Giving our teachers ways to improve interpersonal skills and communication within the teams will lead to more efficient and effective planning which is needed to reach all students with targeted and engaging learning opportunities.

    Lowery - Leslie Gardner

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  • Grow and Glow - Success Starts at Green!

    This grant focuses on developing students' leadership potential at Green Elementary. The Leader In Me model will assist us in equipping students with the academic and life skills necessary for their future success.

    Green - Stacia Butler

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  • Growing Leaders in Allen ISD

    The purpose of these leadership programs is to inspire students to be self-confident, courageous, and compassionate leaders in their communities. The students are taught to make a positive impact on their surroundings, learn how to make positive choices, develop leadership skills, maintain successful academic performance, and strive for positive personal growth.

    Chandler - Tiffany Betterton

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  • Mindful or Mind Full?

    Mindfulness is described as paying attention to ourselves, others, and the world around us. Our Kindergarten Team is looking to teach Mindfulness on a daily basis and to have an area set up in our room where mindful behaviors can be used throughout the day. When learning mindfulness, students will learn how to breathe, become calm, focus on their feelings, focus on what is around them, and so much more.

    Boon - Chelsea Bethke

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  • Rountree Wellness Wise Team

    The Rountree Wellness Wise Team strives to support a school environment that enhances learning and development of lifelong wellness practices. Our purpose is to help students learn health and wellness practices, advocate for health and wellness in our school and community, explore health and wellness careers, and prepare students for future leadership positions.

    Rountree - Lara Climer

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  • Turning Rainy Days to Brainy Days

    The purpose of our project is to change the Rainy Day Blues into Brainy Days through game use. This will address our needs for activities during indoor recess. Having board games to play, students will be engaged in learning while playing games and building a sense of community.

    Boyd - Lizabeth Solcher

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