• Crossing Boundaries of Language and Culture

    Implementing multicultural literature into our lessons promotes a classroom environment of acceptance and leads to increased self-esteem for our English language learners. Multicultural literature may be integrated into guided reading groups and is an excellent way of students connecting with the text and building interest level. Students will experience success and growth in literacy as they are invested in the literature and understand the culture behind the content.

    Preston - Helen Cherian

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  • Soaring Like an Eagle

    The Soaring like an Eagle grant will allow 60 of our ELL students and 60 of our Native Speaker Spanish students to visit several college campuses in the area during the 2017-2018 school year. The intended outcome of this grant is that our students will know what resources are available to them and have the knowledge to make an informed decision about post-secondary education.

    Lowery - Deena Donohue Kohler

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  • Spotlight on Comprehension for the ESL Learners

    Spotlight on Comprehension helps develop students into active and successful readers, writers, and thinkers, all while building vocabulary. The program develops comprehension using research-based and explicit instruction combined with multiple opportunities to practice and apply comprehension skills, and to evaluate and assess students' progress.

    Boon - Elizabeth Dentler

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