• A Day at the Museum

    Students will be taught proper museum etiquette as they learn about several different artists. While they are at the Dallas Museum of Art, they will participate in a scavenger hunt to find certain paintings and write about them. They will also find one other art piece that is not on the scavenger hunt that they liked. When they return to the school they will write a reflection paper about their experience.

    Rountree - Jamee Arrington

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  • Discovering Art as a Reflection of Cultures

    Early introduction to the actual experience of going to a museum will help to foster a greater appreciation for all people.  The Dallas Museum of Art field trip will allow Olson Elementary third graders an opportunity to learn about how art works are a reflection of many cultures.  The gained knowledge will broaden their understanding of their own diverse community.

    Olson - Noy Manes

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  • Helping Young Musicians with Performance Anxiety

    Performance anxiety for musicians is common among all ages and ability levels, especially young musicians. This presentation for our HS music students will give them tools and strategies to deal with performance anxiety in and out of the music classroom.

    Lowery - Ellen Townley

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  • Instrument Maintenance

    With Allen Foundation grant money, I would purchase stable, rolling table carts from West Music.  The bars would sit on top of the table, and the music room would be changed in order to safely accommodate the carts.  I would then teach the students about proper placement and storage of the carts after lessons.

    Reed - Anne Summitt

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  • Interactive Student Art Sketchbooks

    Students will be provided a sketchbook that will include grade level appropriate reference pages, vocabulary, and blank pages that can be used for notes, sketches, and project planning.  These sketchbooks will be used every art class to access information and record their ideas.  Blank pages will be used to try new ideas, record their thoughts on particular artwork, and explore new topics.

    Rountree - Brandye Barron

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  • Sharing with the ALLen Reads Program

    We would like to share the authors and illustrators that always come for the Allen Reads program at the Allen Public Library. Students will gain an appreciation for authors and illustrators and hopefully will be inspired to achieve to the best of their abilities. The more students are exposed to different kinds of stories, different scenarios, different characters, and different points of view, the richer they become.

    Reed - Brenda Steffens

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  • There's No Business like Show Business!

    There's no business like show business, and Story Elementary's Drama Club students know everything about this.  Their diverse group of fourth through sixth graders are needing some help to make their theater experience a success! Providing some reader's theater books, simple scripts and props, and assisting with a final production will help make this special moment continue past the limelight.

    Story - Kim Lang

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