• Games Games Game

    This project will allow our American Sign Language (ASL) students to interact in a fun, meaningful way in the target language, giving them the experience of being a part of Deaf culture within the school. These experiences will be much like that of the Deaf community where students are able to use their knowledge of ASL to interact with others around them. This project will foster a more natural language progression for the students' second language acquisition.

    Lowery - Daphryne Manning

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  • Opening College Doors - Supporting Our Native Speakers (part 3)

    The Native Speaker course is a wonderful opportunity for students that already speak & write in Spanish and are looking to continue to learn about the language and the similarities and differences in the Spanish-speaking world, as well as prepare to take the Native Speaker 3 Pre-AP/IB & 4 AP exam.

    Lowery - Jose Salas

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  • Sister School

    The Sister School Grant brings bilingual elementary school students together with Freshman students learning Spanish. With help from the elementary school students, our language learners continue to learn Spanish in a very natural and non-threatening setting from the expert children.

    Lowery - Martina Thompson

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