• Break Out of the Box

    Teachers and students are Breaking Out of traditional methods with Breakout EDU kits.  Facilitating instruction through these activities will promote critical thinking, teamwork, and complex problem solving.

    Allen High School - Catherine Gregory

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  • Building Mathematicians

    The Building Mathematicians workbook involves consistent exposure and weekly practice of key sixth grade math concepts. This will lead to success on the STAAR Exam and allow students to feel prepared and confident entering seventh grade.

    Chandler - Teri Stepanic

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  • Can You Hear Me Now?

    Can You Hear Me Now? is a grant that provided much needed headphones to our third grade, ESL, and SSI students. Students are now able to use technology during learning stations, for researching, or for practicing academic skills without having to leave the classroom.

    Anderson - Lisa Hayden

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  • Countdown to Math STAAR

    Countdown to Math STAAR is a math warm-up that will be used daily in my classroom.  All 5th math students at Lindsey will benefit from working on these papers by daily spiraling, daily reviewing, and daily opportunities to reteach the concepts they must master.  They will work one page a day as a quick in-class exercise or homework assignment during the weeks preceding the STAAR.

    Lindsey - Sonja Paxton

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  • Enriching the Resources Part II

    Students in Allen ISD have always been afforded the benefits of access to innovative hands-on experiences through a variety of resources.  Our math resource grant will enrich these opportunities by providing a wider variety of manipulatives and tools for teachers to use for experiential learning based on Texas standards and skills.

    Olson - Tiffany Dudley

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  • Enterprise City Field Trip

    At Enterprise City in Richardson, real-world experiences are awaiting students who participate in this simulation that introduces them to their future roles as producers, consumers, and citizens. Students are introduced to skills including applying for jobs, writing checks, and balancing a checkbook as they purchase and sell their goods and services.

    Reed - Sabrina Passanante

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  • Math Domains: Bridging the School to Home Connection in Mathematics

    Math is all around us! Students from Boyd Elementary will be able to bridge math learning from home to school with the Math Domains program as part of Allen ISD's commitment to integrate more STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) curricula to ensure all learners to be given opportunities to succeed in academics and society.

    Boyd - Heather Chavez

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  • Math Write and Wipe!

    Double sided math write and wipe boards make practicing early math concepts easy. Students can work on counting, comparing numbers, composing and decomposing numbers, adding and subtracting and more!

    Olson - Sam Shuttleworth

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    MATHCOUNTS is a nationwide enrichment club and competition program specifically designed for sixth through eigth grade math students, offering a fast paced and exciting curriculum of problem solving opportunities. MATHCOUNTS can empower middle school students of all ability levels and backgrounds to reach their full potential in mathematics helping students develop better problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.

    Vaughan - Don Jung

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  • Math Magic

    Math Magic is a hands-on math plan to use in SSI with at risk students. The grant will involve the purchase of materials from Lakeshore Learning Company to increase the depth of the students' understanding of difficult to grasp concepts. These quality materials can be used over and over for years to come. 

    Story - Trish Jarboe

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